Any Star Wars collectors or fans in the Augusta, Ga area?

Jul 22, 2014
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Augusta, Ga
Thanks to Chris W. for making Rebelscum its very own GA section!! B)

I live in Augusta, Ga, and live one mile from the Georgia/South Carolina border. I have friends here that collect Star Wars toys, art, and advertising. I usually see these guys when a good movie comes out and we meet up at the movie theater. Most of us have families and careers so we are pretty isolated as collectors, but its cool to meet up several times a year and hang out.

Augusta, Ga has some hot spots for scoring RARE Star Wars collectibles, such as any of a number of the flea markets in our area. I personally have been lucky finding figures hunting local yard sales.

Anybody here from Georgia? If you are in or near my area, please don't hesitate to pm me! My name is Russ, btw. Thanks, and happy hunting!