ANH Retro Collection Pack 2


May 18, 2000
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Since a few people have asked, here's the thread to discuss the 2nd Retro "ANH 6 pack" figure pack which will contain Vac Metal C-3PO, R2-D2, Ben Kenobi, Death Squad Commander, Jawa and a Tusken Raider.


Will you be purchasing this retro 6 pack?
I'll be getting one. Wish they would release these individually instead of a box set.
Maybe one of the fan channel sites like EE or BBTS could do a vinyl cape Jawa exclusive. <hint><hint><nudge><nudge>

Yes! Sign me up for that too. Since there is no confusing these with the original releases, it's a great opportunity to put some of those rare ones out there.
Nice looking multipack, I expect it will be popular with the inclusion of the droids and the fact that the whole lineup looks great and is new to the retro releases.
Getting two sets.

Mint copies of all these figures would run me FAR more than that to track down with genuine accessories that aren't old and discolored and damaged and used by some dumb kid in 1978.

Nonetheless, I really, really wish they could have kept these at the $10 price point, because I would be able to get so many more.
Somehow, I’ve ended up with every Retro release yet, so I’m going to keep the streak going! At first, I was a bit wary of the price, but I can’t pass this up!
Any word when preorders begin? Also, too bad Hasbro went with the worn, damaged card look when this line began. I don’t think they are doing that with their other retro lines. Oh well, gotta keep the look consistent at this point I guess.
I just want the Death Squad Commander, hopefully some people on Ebay will be breaking these up.
Is this box set planned to be a Target or any other retailer exclusive? I love it and most likely will try to get two.