And now, deep thoughts... about the Jedi

May 31, 2000
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If the Jedi can levitate things, does that mean they can fly? All it would take is levitating yourself!

Anakin's lightsaber has a safety, making it disengage when it flew out of Luke's hand. Wouldn't the ultimate safety mechanism be located *inside* the lightsaber hilt? For that matter, why not put all the controls inside the hilt so only force-users could use a lightsaber?

Are Jedi robes waterproof, or do the Jedi just not mind getting wet in the rain? For that matter, how often do Jedi bathe? And I've never seen a Star Wars character brush their teeth!

Do little tiny padawan kids have single masters, or do four and five year olds have to go to Jedi kindergarten? How much training and how much experience must a padawan have before they can go on a life-threatening mission?

What do Jedi eat? Can they make water boil for tea by dipping the tip of a lightsaber blade in water?

The Jedi presumably don't have regular jobs, so who supports them? Is the Jedi Temple built with the people's hard-earned tax money? If so, wouldn't that subject the Council to governmental burecracy?

If Yoda got bored on Dagobah, or if an emergency ever arised, how could he leave? Would he call on Ben? Wouldn't that violate Ben's exile as well?

Can you flunk out of Jedi training?

If you have to pee real bad, how long does it take to get all the folds of a Jedi robe out of the way?

Who polishes the floor of the Jedi Council chamber? Jedi don't own droids, so is cleaning the tower punishment for bad padawans?

Does the Code forbid using the Force to play practical jokes?
May 18, 2000
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I've always wondered if Jedi could fly since they can levitate objects. I never came to a solid conclusion on that.

If lightsabers were only usable by Force users, then Luke would have died on Hoth. Plus, enemy Force Users could simply turn the sabers off. I've always wondered if Force users could interrupt the power cells in a lightsaber by using the Force.

As Ep 1 showed us, Jedi robes are not waterproof, and they breathe normally, but CAN hold their breath. We've never seen 'em file their taxes or take a whiz either.

Yoda apparently taught Obi-Wan at a young age, but they never stated if it was 1 on 1 training. I bet we'll find out in Ep 2, but that's just a guess.

Qui-Gon was carrying concentrated food cubes in his belt pouch on Tatooine, so they apparently eat anything, but mostly bland food full of nutrients. Lightsabers do not boil the water around them according to EU, since in the ANH timeperiod, they are supposedly used underwater. I would guess however that really, they'd evaporate the water quite quickly if they could boil water.

I'll leave the next two alone...

Yes, I believe the EU has Aurra Sing being a Jedi drop-out.

As to the "pee" question, just look at how quick Obi-Wan was whipping out his lightsaber when he slashed Ponda Baba.

How do we know the Jedi council doesn't own droids?

The code forbids it.

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I'd say that the floor polishing is probably done by padawans, to help them learn patience. If there are no droids, that is.