QUESTION Amidala Gold Pendant Pocket Watch

May 10, 2021
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Hi, I was hoping someone here could help me with a little mystery. While going through my old Star Wars memorabilia from my parents attic I found an Episode 1 Queen Amidala Gold Pendant Pocket Watch. Unlike most of my other collectibles, this was something I didn’t remember, so went to look it up online to find more info as it looked very unique compared to the other stuff. As merch from TPM is everywhere I didn’t think it would be too difficult to find anything, but ended spending all afternoon searching the internet for some or any reference to it. I only managed to find two places that had images for it, and one mention on forum.
I know that even rare items from TPM aren’t particularly valuable, so I’m too bothered about how much it’s worth (although if someone has an idea that would be helpful), I’m more interested to know why this watch is so difficult to find any info on. Is it a limited edition item? Was it only sold in a certain store? Etc.
I’m hoping RebelScum will come to the rescue with some info, as the mystery is driving me a little crazy lol.
Aug 31, 2007
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I think this is a Nelsonic watch. Do you remember if it came in a plastic blister pack?

I see some of the same tins in various designs on eBay, though with wristwatches instead of a pocket watch. Going to guess it's the same company.

It seems like they went out of business the same year Episode I came out, so it may just be that they didn't make that many (relatively) and many of those probably didn't survive long.

It's likely not well documented because there was so much merchandise that came out for Episode I and it was before we took pictures of and logged everything.

But they don't seem to be worth much. Their wrist watches seem to sell for about $10-20.