After Christmas Clean Out

Aug 9, 2009
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Winter clean out.
Paypal is preferred - I am getting rid of as much as possible to make some room. I cannot take it all with me. Figured I would offer stuff here. All figures are loose and have been stored and owned by an adult collector and have currently been stored in ziplock bags. All are complete and in NM to Mint condition unless otherwise indicated. On figures that I have multiples of.

The following are $2 each
Frito Lays Obi Wan Kenobi Spirit Figure
Luke Skywalker Dagobah POTF2
Yoda Episode 1 with Chair and Soundchip Card
Hoth Rebel Soldier w/ Backpack from POTF2 Anti-Vehicle Laser Cannon - obviously it is for the figure only.
Emperor no cane POTF2

The following are $3 each
Momaw Nadon - POTF2
Boss Nass Episode 1 First Version
Luke Skywalker Stormtrooper (Helmet is a little dirty)
AT ST Driver - POTF2
Orrimaarko - Prune Face - No Freeze Frame
Queen Amidala (Naboo) Episode 1 (with Comm chip)
Padmé Naberrie Episode 1 (with Comm Chip
Hoth Rebel Soldier - Hoth Evacuation Saga Collection - No Stand
Imperial Snowtrooper Saga Collection with Stand
Jawas POTF2 Set of 2
Obi Wan Kenobi Episode 1 Cloth Skirt with Comm Chip
Malakili - Rancor Keeper - POTF2
Nien Numb - POTF2
Princess Leia in Slave Costume from Barge Gunner set
Rebel Soldier Endor Gear POTF2 No Freeze Frame

The following are $4 each
Obi Wan Kenobi - Power of the Jedi Version
Tuskin Raider - OTC Collection
Ask Aak
Tion Medon
Darth Vader Long Saber
Emperor's Royal Guard - Revenge of the Sith X2
Imperial Officer
Wedge POTF2 From Carry Case

The following are $5 each
Obi Wan Kenobi - ROTS - Super Articulated Original / Greatest Hits / Plastic Cape Version
SOLDTuskin Raider / Vintage Original Trilogy CollectionSOLD
Kellogs Mailaway Han Solo Stormtrooper x2
Han Solo Bespin / POTJ With Pamphlet
Commander Cody Saga Collection
Mon Calamari Trooper Legacy Collection - No Droid Part
SOLDSnowtrooper Cloth Skirt - Vintage Original Trilogy CollectionSOLD
Sandtrooper Saga Collection Black Shoulder Pauldron with Stand x 2
Luke Skylwalker in Endor Gear from the Saga Collection with Stand
Han Solo in Carbonite from the Saga Collection with Stand

The Following are $9
Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa POTF2 Expanded Universe (Sold as a set of two for the $9)

The following is $15
Rise of Darth Vader Table, Anakin in Darth Vader Armor with detachable limbs and the crispy critter Anakin with the cloak and burn body. He also has detachable limbs.
Four Snowtroopers as a set only. Three are POTF2 and the fourth comes from the year they packaged him with an E-Web Blaster.

The following is $25
Luke Skywalker in the Bacta Tank with a POTF2 21-B and a POTJ FX-7

All reasonable offers for all of the figures are considered. PM me or email me for shipping. All orders go out with tracking and delivery confirmation. I will be posting more as I go through what I have and what I want to get rid of. If you want it boxed it goes out priority. If you want them in an envelope they will be padded with paper towel and in a brown envelope.

A couple of people have asked for feedback as I am new. This is a link to my eBay feedback if that means anything.

Feedback thread on Rebel Scum

I am also cleaning out my 25th Anniversary GI Joes and a few Transformers. If I can post those here as well let me know and I will.
Dec 29, 2009
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id be interested in the rise of darth vader and the lays mail away obi wan please pm me for a faster response