AFA Population Report

Oct 10, 2015
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Hello, I have several AFA graded vintage figures and I wanted to see where my collection stands.
May I ask where I can go to check out AFA graded population? i.e. how many AFA 90 of XXX figure exists, and etc.?
1. I'm not sure how up to date AFA's population report is in the past it was very out of date. 2. still wouldn't count other grading company's population like CAS or UKG. 3. I've had several items regraded over the years sometimes they get new labels so the population has double counted some items. 4. I'm not sure why it matters where your "collection stands". This isn't a competition
Thanks for the response! Well the population report does matter if there are only 10 AFA 90 vs. 200 AFA 85, valuation wise. Makes it more desirable for someone who places utmost emphasis on the condition.