Admiral Ackbar 1/6 Milestones Statue

Although I would have liked to have seen a Cantina alien statue produced for the 1/6 scale (as many have asked for years after making just three of them long ago), I have to admit this is a very cool piece. I like Ackbard's pose and swappable hands, and hopefully the final product will look as good as the prototype and come out with no issues. A very nice sculpt!
Haven’t bought any of the recent 1/6 Milestone statues with the themed bases but this one I might have to break that for. Baton definitely the way to go.
Looks good as a prototype.
No idea why the blaster option. GG obsessed with them on their busts and statues. Thankfully the hand swaps out to the baton.
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A very nice statue! One in which I'm definitely interested. Love the pose, hope he'll turn out as great as the prototype. The only illogical thing about this one is the blaster. Why would he be carrying a blaster, when having a infopad in his other hand? To scare of nosy rebels? Must be superclassified information his infipad is showing!😂
But I'm glad I have the option to display him with the baton. Makes far more sense, and is, at least for me, the only way I'll be displaying this piece, once I decide to get it.
Turned out great !

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Very nice statue but it looks like the eyes are just painted resin? I liked how they did the clear plastic eyes on the mini bust.

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Noticed that too, BenObi_70. I think it's a pity they went for painted eyes on the statue. The plastic eyes on the minibust made it much more lifelike, I think. Ah well, guess that the only minuspoint on this statue. Heavily thinking on getting this one, now it's available.
GG/DST are back at it again cutting corners and giving the statue cheap looking eyes. I wonder how many millions they've saved by doing this. The realistic look of the eyes on the mini bust is its most visual attractiveness. Why go the cheapo way on the statue? A pass for me.
You guys aren't wrong about how they did the eyes. But in hand, he still looks great. The paint they used for the eyes has a nice look to it. Definitely a nice statue if you like Ackbar.

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