Adi Gallia

Oct 8, 2006
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Yes, that's right folks. I just got my flux capacitor fixed on my time traveling Delorean and I visited the future. I went ahead 18000 years and guess what? Good news is Hasbro is still making Star Wars figures... bad news it looks like they are reusing ancient molds. I brought this Adi Gallia back as proof.

This is an Epic screw up... which i absolutely love.
Adi Gallia (c)19978
(strangely, the actually (c) is not 1997 or 1998...but 1999)

This came out of a large batch of prototypes, and prototype parts. There were several Final Engineering Pilots in the lot... among them this beauty. I am just examining some of them.

Inside her Cloak, behind her head, there appears to be a backwards "2"
I NEED HELP, does anyone have a loose Adi Gallia to confirm if this backward "2" design is in the regular cape?

By the way does anyone know the copywriter date stamped on the Chancellor Velorum foot? I think I have another date variation on that ones Final Engineering Pilot.
Volurum should be 1998 or 1999.