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Oct 12, 2008
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Everything comes from a smoke/pet free environment. My feedback for this site is linked in my signature below. I only charge actual shipping base on your location.

PayPal payments preferred. If you send it as a regular payment, please factor in 4% added to the total to cover the fees involved. I am comfortable with FF payments through PayPal, also. Again, my feedback is linked below and speaks as to the type of trader that I am. No prices below include shipping unless indicated. I ship securely and as quickly as is humanly possible to boot!

I will continue to post several things to this thread as time permits. I am planning to price everything to where there really won't be any wiggle room, if any, and hopefully most of it will be cleared out fairly quickly. However, feel free to make an offer on multiple items, or everything, and if you don't hear back then it was probably a low ball offer. Be reasonable and I will let you take this off my hands! That is the idea. Thank you for taking time to look! Don't miss out on some of this stuff, especially at THESE prices!

This is all going to be listed (the best I can for now) in alphabetical order, so be sure to scroll!

Action figures, die cast, vinyls (various lines and scales):

GI Joe related -

Classified 6" Destro PDD Profit Director (**** Daddy) Gamestop Exclusive MISB - $24.00 obo plus actual shipping

DC related -

DZNR (YuMe) Batman 80th Anniversary Chibi plush 7 inch figures

Detective Comics Edition MISB - $5.00 (ROCK BOTTOM price!)
Bat Emblem all over print Edition MISB - $5.00 (ROCK BOTTOM!)
Camouflage US Armed Forces Edition MISB - $7.00 (WOW!)

Take all 3 with no haggling for $15.00 plus actual shipping!

DC Funko POP! Vinyl figures

Cat Woman Deluxe Jim Lee Collection Exclusive (Gamestop) - $10.00 obo
Aquaman Justice League Deluxe Jim Lee Collection Exclusive (Gamestop) - $10.00 obo

Hotwheels (all new/sealed and all are obo)

75 years TV Series Batman Batmobile new on card - $2.00
75 years Batman Animated Batmobile new on card - $2.00
Batman Batmobile Arkham Asylum (HW City) new on card - $2.00
Batman Dark Knight Arkham Knight Batmobile (green) new on card - $2.00
Batman Dark Knight The Bat (black) new on card - $2.00
Batman Dark Knight The Bat (gray/silver with blue windshield) new on card - $2.00
Batman Begins Batmobile new on card - $2.00

DC Super Powers Gentle Giant Micro (Walgreens Exclusives)

Batman MOC - $4.00
Robin MOC - $4.00
Lex Luthor MOC - $4.00

Take the 3 above for only $10.00 plus actual shipping!!

Dragon Ball Z -

Star Series Bandai Super Saiyan Goku with Battle Damage MOC (Gamestop Exclusive) - $17.00
Banpresto 6 inch scale DBZ Super Goku statue (awesome figure! New in an open box) - $17.00

Take both DBZ items above for the terrific price of just $30.00 plus actual shipping!!

Marvel related -

Marvel Legends Venomized Captain America MISB - $22.50 (cost) plus actual shipping
Marvel Universe 3.75 Future Foundation THING (new/loose) - $6.00

Miscellaneous items (various lines etc) -

Kidrobot TMNT GITD Mikey with chuks (new in open package - glue didn't hold and bubble separated from cardback) - $12.00 obo
Gears of War Funko Mystery Minis Blind Box Vinyl New/sealed (2 available) - $4.00 each obo
Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Funko POP! Collectors Box (Gamestop Exclusive) New/Sealed (awesome!) - $24.00 obo
Kingdom Hearts Diamond Select Mickey/Pluto 2 pack (Gamestop) New/Sealed - $9.00 obo
MOTU Mega Construx Beast Man mini fig (new/loose) - $3.50 obo
Several 1/24 scale Action NASCAR Die Cast cars from late 1990's/early 2000's all nice in open boxes (ask if interested)

Power Rangers related -

Saban's Power Rangers Build A Zord Legacy Collection Yellow Ranger Bandai MOSC - $14.00 obo

Transformers related -

WST Takara (authentic) New in open blind box G1 Bumblebee - make offer, I really do not know the value of these any more.
WST Takara (authentic) New in open blind box G1 Jazz (Wow!) - make offer...see above

K-REO Dragon Assault set & Mech Venom Strike set both sealed - $24.00 for both!

K-REO mini figures sealed in clear plastic baggies - $10.00 each obo except Waspinator is $13.00 obo

Mirage G1
Jazz G1
Cliff Jumper G1
Skywarp G1
Waspinator (triple changer)

Touch base with interest in any or all of the above TF items!

Video game related (actual video games, accessories and systems) -

Nintendo 3DS games:

Super Smash Bros with original box - very good shape - $16.00 obo
TMNT Nikelodeon 2013 cartridge only - very good condition - $8.00
Super Mario Paper Mario Sticker Star cartridge only - very good condition - $14.00 obo
Super Mario 3D Land cart only - very good shape - $11.00 obo
Street Fighter IV 3D Edition cart only - very clean - $12.00 obo

Nintendo Wii white Classic controller very, very good used shape (clean) - $20.00 obo (x2)
Nintendo Wii Black console (only with all hookups - no Wii motes included) very clean, all functional - $85.00 obo

WWF/WWE related -

Funko POP! Hulk Hogan #71 Walmart Exclusive MISB - $13.00 obo

Sold items:

Katana Batman 80 years with Killer Croc C&C piece new/sealed (box not mint) - $18.00 obo
Masters of the Universe WWE/WWF Classic Style Mattel 6 inch Walmart Exclusive (card back not mint) - $21.00 obo
WST Takara (authentic) New in open blind box G1 Megatron Gun - make offer...see above
World of Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Jakks Pacific Toad figure MOC (Blue Toad) - $18.00 obo
Kidrobot Nickelodeon mini Vinyl (Walgreens) Catdog (new from opened blind box) - $3.00 obo
Genji - $12.00 (new/mint/complete/shipped loose) obo
D. VA - $10.00 (new/mint/complete/shipped loose) obo
Pharah - $10.00 (new/mint/complete/shipped loose) obo
DC Collectibles BATMAN VS TMNT Batgirl/Donatello MISB - $23.00 obo
Toys R Us Exclusive Optimus Prime Voyager Class The Last Knight Premiere Edition MISB (awesome!) - $40.00 obo
Power Rangers Lightning Collection In Space Psycho Red Ranger from the 2 Pack Exclusive set loose/brand new/mint - $21.00 obo
Batman 80th Anniversary First Appearance MISB - $12.00 obo
Spider-man 3.75 grappling hook figure MOC (2011 Hasbro) - $14.00
Marvel Selects Disney Unleashed HULK 9" MOC - $28.00 obo
Hulk Metallic Hikari Funko EE Exclusive only 750 pieces! MISB - $28.00 obo
Mega Man Gyro Attack (Green) Funko POP! GITD Canadian Convention Exclusive MISB - $9.00 obo
Kingdom Hearts Diamond Select Valor Sora/Soldier 2 pack (Walgreens) New/Sealed - $8.00 obo
MOTU Mega Construx Teela mini fig (new/loose) - $4.00 obo
Fortnite Legendary Series 6" Max Level OMEGA (Purple variant) MISB - $ cost which I paid $17.00 plus tax
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Several things sold, getting them marked and updating some. LMK what you need. Thanks for looking!
Bump! Just updated and marked several sold items. I also added some things including the last of my personal Nintendo 3DS games.

Grab something! LMK...

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