A huge trove of 1990's Star Wars toys

Nov 20, 2017
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Seems like a great stash of well preserved toys with tons of great photos.

Link to Listing.

Here's the headline and description from the post:

Star Wars LOT 1990's Toys - Micro Machine - Kenner - Missions - Action Fleet
Perfect for the Holidays.
Perfect for new or long-time fans of the series!

These well preserved toys range from Micro Machines, Kenner, Action Fleet, Plush Buddies, and the rare Scholastic Missions Role-Playing Game.

The price of the auction represents 20 years of well-kept plastic, pieces, and joy, ready for a new owner, collector, and fan alike. With the Darth Vader piggy bank, you'll recoup the investment by saving your coins immediately.

The giant AT-AT and AT-ST are a kid's dream and are of a GIANT fun-size as shown next to an egg for scale (eggs not included). Both Kids and Adults alike will enjoy playing out the scenes from the movies with these large-size toys.

The multiple play scenes expand or fold from their preserved position to open up to a world of fun and adventure. From the Death Star Station, to the sands of Tatooine, to the hidden base on Yavin IV, to the forests of Endor, you'll have the backdrop and sets to playout any dream adventure.

Decorate your desk or shelves with the Action Fleet figures. From the X-wing the to TIE-fighter, These articulated ships allow for a droid, a pilot, and show the scars of battle you have survived through and represent your struggle in the galaxy.

Take yourself and friends on a literary adventure across the stars with the Young Reader Scholastic Star Wars Missions, which includes the first 10 mission books, fully preserved maps, all character, item, ship, and trait cards, mission log sheets, rule book, and even the original dice and plastic case to carry all the galaxy-questing fun you'll have.

The, hard-to-find Micro-Machine heads and figures are well preserved, showcase various characters and places throughout the Star Wars Series and even more importantly, all the mini-figures are well kept, numerous, and will add to your scenes set across the Galaxy Far Far away...

Keep all of these bite-size, rare minis in a Millennium Falcon container, ready to ship the fun across stars in less than 12 parsecs!

Speaking of Mini's, there are numerous figures from all your favorite cast in different costumes, poses, and positions. From Luke and Han, to Leia and Obi Wan, to Darth Vader and all the other characters.

  • We have Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru, multiple Jawas and R2 units, that'll have you screaming "Umtiti!" for days!
  • There's so many Sand People that you'll start walking single file in order to hide all your numbers.
  • And of course, we have Han Solo & Greedo in seated position so you can finally place them in the C-3PO Cantina and finally determine who shot first... but we all know the answer to that one...

Purchase with confidence, I will safely ship these bundles of joy with pride and care to the lucky owner. I will ensure it arrives before the holidays so your time can be well spent and enjoyed!

Do or Do Not, there is no trying to win this auction. Buy with Confidence.
Nov 20, 2006
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Sayreville NJ
while you have some cool stuff listed in the auction I think you are making a mistake asking for that large of a payout! you have about 700 worth of SW stuff there based on todays eBay prices. I wish you luck in trying to sell this but I think you need to re-adjust the price tag you are asking for or piece out the collection in separate auctions.