A Flawed Strategy - One Shot

Jan 21, 2013
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Hi all,

So I write fanfiction and post it to Fanfiction.net. Recently, I started a series called Galactic Civil War One-Shots. This is one of those stories.

A Flawed Strategy

[FONT=&quot]Teetilist System, 5ABY[/FONT]
The Imperial-class Star Destroyer Shattered Beacon cast its shadow over the planet Teetilist. A world long abandoned by civilization, it was the home to one of the last Imperial Intelligence stations. In the months following the Battle of Endor, the New Republic, no, the Rebellion, had pushed their way deep into the heart of Imperial operations. Shipyards had fallen. ISB networks had been dismantled. Academies were sieged.[/FONT]

Aru Eadale, the admiral of ISB Tango Fleet, had watched the evolution of military intelligence since it's revitalization during the Clone Wars. He had served as a coordinator of fleets and organized commando groups. He was an overseer of several Republic Intelligence field agents, and was eventually placed in charge of Foxtrot Initiative, a unit of elite clones dedicated to stopping the subversive threats: treason, insurgency, rebellion.[/FONT]

Thus, despite hoping to provide Imperial Intelligence with his advanced knowledge in anti-terror tactics, he was assigned to the ISB following the rise of the Empire. And to him, he had made the best of it. He worked long and hard in building spy networks, maintaining a steady flow of information which helped the war effort. He policed the citizens of over a dozen worlds, watching the fear, the indifference, and the anger of many. He had arrested more treasonous individuals than he could count, and at times, he longed for the days of the Clone Wars. When Republic Intelligence focused on hunting those that sought to wreak havoc upon the innocents of the Republic.[/FONT]

However, the Emperor had forgotten, in his quest for peace and security, that their enemy laid beyond the Core and Mid-Rim worlds. In the shadows of the Outer Rim hid the terrorists, and the rebels. By turning on those whom it sought to protect, the Empire had exacerbated its situation. Thus, when war broke out over Scarif, Aru was not surprised. Though the move was hastily made, leaving the Empire no time for warning, it was an eventuality. And Eadale knew that instead of biding its time, building Death Stars and executing "traitors", the Empire should have focused on stopping the numerous Rebel cells that had already arisen. By destroying targets like Phoenix Squadron and Massassi Group early, the Battle of Scarif would never have taken place. Yet, Aru admitted, his sources within Rebel space provided little information, and offered little foresight into the Rebels' plans.[/FONT]

Scarif was a spur of the moment decision. Most cells did little more than blip onto Imperial radars. Long and strategic military operations often focused on rallying support and gathering supplies for the Alliance than engaging Imperial forces in long campaigns. So, while his net was vast, his catch of information was small, but what he did learn reinforced one idea into his mind: The Rebels were afraid. Despite their cries of bravery and liberation, they hadn't gathered the courage to take their war to the Galactic scale. Yet something had sparked them into action. The Galactic Civil War did not start with whispers of cells grouping together, plotting a slow yet steady rise to power. No, it started with a bang, as the first fully armed and operational Rebel fleet emerged over Scarif. They acted out of desperation, and they had won.[/FONT]

Then it dawned on Aru. The Empire had picked a losing strategy to deal with the Rebels. It swatted away minor attacks, toppled minor insurrections, capitalized minor offences. It kept the Rebellion at bay. It was complacent, confident in its power to keep citizens in line. Yet the Rebels had picked a strategy Aru admired, one in which they took every opportunity to penetrate Imperial blockades, seeking out and testing the strength of each border world. And while they failed at first, eventually, their targets caved under repeated assault. Victory became contagious, and eventually their success led to the Rebellion moving deeper and deeper towards the Galaxy's core. They were timid at times, yet their overall aggressiveness had granted them legitimacy.[/FONT]

So, while Scarif was a show of Rebel efficiency, the subsequent Battle of Yavin proved to be a display of Imperial arrogance. Unfortunately, the Empire's incompetence did not stop there. Many considered the Battle of Hoth a success. But Rebel Command had escaped. All the Rebels lost was expendable units, and some time, time that was quickly regained. Yet the Admirals at the battle returned to their stations feeling proud of themselves. Eadale watched with concern, and growing frustration at his Empire. They were never going to win like this.[/FONT]

A year later, and Imperial arrogance once again reared its stupid head. This time, Emperor Palpatine had masterminded a scheme that, in his mind, could never fail. He orchestrated a leak of Imperial Intelligence, one that left many an officer shaking their heads in silent denial. The mighty war machine that was the Empire, could not have reduced itself to a fool's gamble, or so they thought. Aru did not believe it, until a source confirmed a Rebel meeting over Sullust, solidifying the fact that the Rebels were indeed in possession of the second Death Star plans.[/FONT]

As the Shattered Beacon watched the Battle of Endor from the third line of ships, Eadale knew that the Empire had lost, consumed by its own complacency and arrogance. After the battle, he retreated to Teetilist, gathered what few ISB agents he could, and waited. With the death of the Emperor came the birth of the New Republic. It was a title that Aru refused to award the Rebels. The Empire lost because it had misdirected its intelligence efforts, squandered resources on ridiculous superweapons, and in the end, became completely complacent. The remains of the Imperial fleet in shock, the Rebels devastated the once mighty war horse, launching the longest war campaign since the Outer Rim Sieges.[/FONT]

And now, the Empire had been beaten back to a few territories. Teetilist being the most remote. Eadale's meager fleet contained his flagship Shattered Beacon, plus two Victory-class, and three Tartan cruisers. A Raider-class corvette served as the communications ship, and finally, an Interdictor rounded off the eight-ship convoy. Eadale was approached by his captain, a young officer who was as exhausted by the pointlessness of the continued fight as Aru was. Sian Keplin calmly related a fleet-wide message to his admiral. Gallius Rax was preparing for a large engagement with the New Republic, and insisted that the Star Destroyers in development at Kuat were vital to the battle's success, and needed to be operational before the New Republic could attack. Moff Maksim had requested several fleets to join the defense fleet over Kuat, and Tango Fleet was one of them.[/FONT]

A course had been set, and Tango Fleet was off to Kuat. Aru Eadale hailed a final sigh. The Empire's curtain was drawing to a close. Yet he resolved within himself to see it through to the end. For all its faults, he made an oath, and his loyalty was unwavering, despite his unvoiced complaints.[/FONT]

Tango Fleet emerged in the Kuat system. Eadale wondered how metal husks could look so lifeless, broken, and defeated. Though their seals were airtight, the fleet represented the despair felt within. Eadale went on a walk through the stations of his flagship, and while the troops stalked the halls, conversing about this and that, there was no sense of commitment anymore, no zeal. ISB field agents had begun transferring to the nearby station via shuttle. It was a waiting game, one that everyone already couldn't wait to be over.[/FONT]

Days went by. The relative carelessness began turning into fear. The longer the Rebels waited to attack, the higher the chance of Moff Maksim's defense fleet facing a numerically superior foe. Communication between the individual ships began to stir. At every waking moment, a buzz could be heard around the fleet. When would the New Republic attack? The fleet had finished four new Star Destroyers, and all production ceased. Workers fled to the planet surface, and the Kuati people looked up to the sky in worry. A week and a half passed, and the buzz died. Complete silence. Steady eyes searched each distant star.[/FONT]

Two weeks had passed since Tango Fleet's arrival. A blip of static came from the ISB station. Eadale and Keplin stared through the viewport of the Shattered Beacon at the lone outpost. Then, a Gallofree transport jumped out of hyperspace, spearheading straight into the station. As the bridge crew of the Shattered Beacon looked on, Eadale's mind echoed one finality: This is it.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]X-Wings were the first to emerge from hyperspace. Then came the A-Wings, the B-Wings, the Y-Wings, and all manner of Rebel craft. Though he found himself at odds with this fleet, Aru smiled in awe, reminding himself of the times the Republic would emerge in a system, and what that presence stood for. All hands went to their battle stations, and Aru stood at the holotable with elegant vigor. He knew that it was the end. Yet he didn't want to go any other way but this. A death at the hands of a respectable enemy. And the closure of knowing that he stayed loyal, until the end.


Headcanon Section
A few notes and explanations here,

Concerning the New Republic's push, a lot of what you'll see in this series is based off of my own perceptions and speculation around what we do see, to come up with what we don't. Therefore, the information about Academies and ISB networks coming under fire, is mostly just the effects of a galaxy-wide campaign of the New Republic. In my mind, they fully intended to push into the Core Worlds and invade Coruscant, thus spreading their forces in battle across the galaxy, until Rax pulled resources to make his final stand at Jakku. Thus, the New Republic mustered their largest fleet, remnants from the campaign, and dedicated those ships to the fight at Jakku. Academies in the Outer and Inner Rim worlds were destroyed, while IAs in the Core Worlds were shut down following the Concordance. ISB stations, spread throughout the galaxy, also came under fire, as the New Republic upped the ante against the Empire following Endor.

Aru Eadale's job in the RIS was to basically assign fleets, flotilla clusters, and the like to designated battle areas. He also at times did this for the ships under the 501st and 212th, collecting battle groups, and gathering separate fleets for large campaigns. This job also included providing rendezvous coordinates for separate groups, and mapping entry points, particularly important during the Outer Rim Sieges. While the Jedi Council assigned generals to campaigns, Republic Intelligence helped organize them, and Palpatine gave the green-light.

Eadale also served as a handle for some Republic Commandos and ARC Troopers. Such troops aided in intelligence gathering, especially RCs, but occasionally some ARCs would be plucked from the front to go on secret assignments. The Republic Intelligence Service also had a number of human and non-human agents, particularly field agents who went undercover to discover Separatist goings on. Futhermore, extraction plans for such agents, another job of Eadale's, would sometimes be discreet pickups, other times, depending on what the CIS was building, it required an assault force of at least one clone battalion.

And finally, that bring us to Foxtrot Initiative. It's essentially like GI Joe but clone troopers. While the legions were out battling the droid army, Foxtrot was a team of clones handpicked from the best Legions and Corps (41st, 501st, 327th, 7th), assembled to patrol the Rims to deal with threats normal units were unable to. Their job included dismantling crime cartels, plus engaging in counter-terrorism and counter-intelligence work.

And ISB, while separate from Imperial Intelligence, functioned in a similar way, with initiatives like Foxtrot continuing to operate with non-clone agents. They also did intelligence work, though this was through informants set up throughout the galaxy. Essentially, II = CIA, while ISB = FBI. The RIS was a combination of both.[/FONT]