A few older Black Series at Target on White Bridge

Jul 8, 2014
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Nashville, TN
Hey Nashville Scummers (which apparently there aren't too many of posting on here), this is just an FYI that the Target on White Bridge Road has a few of the 3.75" Black Series left: 2 Bastila Shans, 1 Luminara Unduli, 1 Clone Commander Neyo, and 1 Biggs Darklighter as well as a 6" Obi-Wan Kenobi and 1 Slave Leia.

The card conditions on the 3.75" are pretty poor, but the figures themselves look fine. If any out-of-towners (i.e. non-Nashvillians within the US) read this and are interested in any of these, I'll be happy to pick any of the aforementioned figures up and ship them out (I'd ask for the price of the figure, actual shipping, and say, $1 extra for effort - plus PayPal fees if you do not wish to do transfers as gifts). Bastila seems to be in relatively high demand and hard to find at this point; it's the first time I've seen Luminara on the pegs personally.

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