FS A Few Assorted Carded Figures

Jul 15, 2006
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Charlotte, NC Area
Went to a local toy show today and got some things, so I cleaned out some figures to make room. My pics show some figures in a protective case, however I am holding on to the cases except for the one indicated. Buyer to pay shipping and PayPal fee, thanks.

2003 Clone Wars ARC Trooper, red variant, comes mint on unopened card, $40.
ARC Trooper 1.jpg

2004 Original Trilogy Collection, Luke Skywalker as X-Wing Pilot, mint on unopened clean crisp card, $10
OTC Luke 3.jpg

2005 ROTS Anakin-To-Darth Vader Figure Set, in unopened package, comes in a protective display case. $25
Anakin to Vader 1.jpg

2006 TAC Canadian carded Airborne Trooper, $20
Canadian Trooper 1.jpg

2006 The Saga Collection, Jango Fett, mint on unopened card, $30.
Jango 4.jpg

2010 The Clone Wars, CW43 R7-A7 Ahsoka Tano’s Astromech Droid, sealed on unopened card, $40.
Clone Wars 1.jpg