70's and up baseball/football/basketball cards

Aug 21, 2004
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70\'s and up baseball/football/basketball cards

i just sorted out a box of cards i got in an auction. i bought it for the star wars cards, and comics. anyway i would like to sell or trade them.

i have no idea what any of them is worth. i actualy never watched a WHOLE game (baseball/football/basketball) in my life. but even someone like me thats sports-stupid noticed a few good cards. tons of mark mcguire, kirby puckett, nolan ryan, pete rose, larkins, pippen stockton, paxson, jordan, cecil espy rookie, even an error card that has part of another card on top of it TONS OF ROOKIES rated rookies, all star, records, whole team, bazooka, cracker jack.....

serious PM's/emails only. there is way too many to type up for nothing

i would love to trade for ANY of my wants. any offeres are welcome. WANT FF's, 12's, POTF2, silver figs, VOTC, OTC, they MUST go!!!