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May 18, 2000
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Hasbro have revealed we’ll be seeing a 501st Clone Trooper in 2022. Should be a direct reissue. No pictures at the moment.

Who’s excited for this one being released?
Toss in an extra 332nd helmet (Ahsoka’s battalion paint job), and I’d be in for a few.

Otherwise, I already got a pretty good legion to march with Vader.
i missed this one entirely and will need to army build it. ... ... yay,....
I really hope they shrink the helmet for a better fit on the figure. That's my only gripe about it.
i don't think they'll be making any changes. i really hate this clone body and the phase 2 helmet is even worse.
Based on how Hasbro described it during the livestream, this is almost certainly a straight reissue of VC-060. That figure did have a removable helmet, so I think it's fair to assume that the clone will have photo real deco for the face.
Not that I really need any more 501st Clones, not to mention one with this head underneath. I would buy a few if they sculpted a new larger head because I feel that it's too tiny, although with the new sizing happening and Wolffe's head being a bit small as well as the new ARC Troopers I guess it's not that tiny anymore.

I think since it is a reuse of VC60 it wouldn't kill them to also include an extra helmet for Ahsoka's tribe. Then again with the limited numbers they're producing these in it wouldn't exactly help anyone on either camp as I feel it would skew more towards her troops versus basic 501 Clones. Plus since all it does require is a different helmet I suspect that Clone is in the immediate parking lot to do next. How can it not being such an easy reapint?
I’ll echo those who say they don’t like this clone body. It looks really skinny, like there’s no room for a person under that armor. I honestly think the super articulated mold from 2005 looks better, and has decent enough articulation.
I've always felt this clone mold looed too skinny, on the other hand I also felt that the ole ROTD mold looked to chunky/blocky in areas. So if they ever do decide to make an all new mold I wouldn't mind a slightly stockier mold, but I suspect not as it would require more plastic which costs more. If anything figures are getting slimmer.
I’ve got ONE of these skinny 501s, which I feel is enough. I’ll stand pat, I think.
From the 2/9/22 Fan First Livestream.

Clone Trooper (501st Legion) on a The Clone Wars card. Has updated clone head sculpt.

Available for pre-order beginning tomorrow, February 10th, at 1:00pm ET at most major retailers.

On shelf Fall 2022. MSRP is $13.99.

Press Release

STAR WARS: THE VINTAGE COLLECTION 3.75-INCH scale classic figures and vehicles feature vintage-inspired packaging and original Kenner branding. This STAR WARS: THE VINTAGE COLLECTION CLONE TROOPER (501st LEGION) figure is inspired by the character in STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS and makes a great gift for STAR WARS collectors and fans. This figure comes with 2 entertainment-inspired accessories; a great addition to any STAR WARS collection. Highly articulated with fully poseable head, arms, and legs, the figure can be displayed in any STAR WARS figure and vehicle collection and features premium detail and design across multiple points of articulation inspired by STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS.

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No real need for these guys as I too already bought my share in the early days. One thing I wish they'd stop doing is the removable helmet, they should have just sculpted a helmet that fit the neck post. Also while I like they gave him the updated facial sculpt I find that it's getting used too much, some of these Clones should have the younger version head sculpt so I wouldn't mind if they tooled a new Bodie Taylor head for some.
I think the changes on this 501st Clone Trooper are substantial enough that it’s probably going to get a new VC number. The head and cardback are more than enough reason to justify that.
I think the changes on this 501st Clone Trooper are substantial enough that it’s probably going to get a new VC number. The head and cardback are more than enough reason to justify that.

It was a ROTS card during the first run This will no doubt get a new number.
True^ just like CFC stormtrooper and tantive 4 RFT. There are 2 missing numbers that were know of, 222 and 188. Honestly though, I was thinking Jesse would be 188 like how Echo was the MIA 176
I wonder if the 332nd trooper in the next wave w/ driver disquised Din, will have same or nearly the same head sculpt.
I’ve got plenty of Saga 501st guys and one original skinny TVC, so I think I’ll pass here.
I was out of collecting back when clones were everywhere, so I'll likely pick up a couple for myself, and also get a couple more for my son to add to the battle droids vs. clones display he has set up on his bookshelf.
so, with new card/logo, anyone up for guessing the tvc#? #222 seemed obvious for Ahsoka but now there's 2 figs and 1 missing TVC # in that numeric sequence. Unless, they have one go back to p/u the still MIA #188 (which i recently was thinking Jesse given that Echo went back to p/u the MIA #176) other than #188 there is #228 & up. #188 could also be "Periwinkle" since that has been long rumored now, longer than the "Mauve" and "Violet" figs, but ATM, I'm leaning toward 501st and Ahsoka as #188 and #222. Maybe when preorders go up, back of card images go up as well like w/ Bib and Lobot preorders.
I was originally going to be happy with just one from the case as I have the v1 version MOC already.

But the new CW card art will sucker me into picking up a couple loose ones today.

The case says June at EE. I suspect the first Target sightings for these will be next month.

^ yeah..IF target can clear out the lingering Landos thats piling up, and the Greef that magically appeared at my local target
Since I already have Cave of Evil version I will wait this one out to see if I can catch him on sale somewhere, only need a second one for fodder.
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I grabbed one of these, I missed it the first time around. I would love to army build clones, again. But this Clone Trooper mold is not it. I still prefer the older Clones, these are just too skinny and the thigh joint is too restrictive. The dang joint was made for sitting in a saddle, it's not good for much else. They can barely stand up straight because of it. And that bobblehead helmet. They should just do like they have most recently and include two heads instead of a removable helmet.
Next Year's 501st Release:

The Book of Boba Fett or Mandalorian listing instead of Episode III or Clone Wars
I wouldn't doubt it the way they like repacks. Funnily enough they kept the Jedi out of focus so that we couldn't legitimately ask for a figure of them. lol

Although it would be kind of nice to find out who rescued Grogu so we could get another DLX set with him and the savior along with some kind of Jedi temple accessory.
If Hasbro really wanted to guarantee sales, they should have packed these figures with an extra 332nd squad helmet (Ahsoka paint tribute).