50% off all Hasbro & Action Fleet thru 9/2/10!!!

Dec 27, 2005
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50% off all Hasbro & Action Fleet thru 9/2/10!!!

Well, I lost my job recently and I am selling off my remaining Hasbro items from every line. These include POTF, POTF2, SAGA, ROTS, etc. I am including links to the database for picture reference so as not to get confused by multiple releases. All items are unopened, and in their original packaging. Most items are in excellent C-9+ condition, others are near perfect, some are about C-8. PM me on the item's condition. Most items can be combined to save on shipping, but ultimately I want to avoid damage. Shipping will depend on location and type (USPS and UPS will probably be the only two, PM me your zip code for accurate shipping costs).

Cinema Scenes

Mos Espa Encounter - $12
Mynock Hunt - $14
Jedi Spirits - $12
Death Star Escape - $14
Cantina Showdown - $12
Purchase of the Droids - $12

Deluxe Packs

SAGA Flying Geonosian w/ Sonic Blaster - $10
ROTS Yoda w/ Can-Cell - $10
ROTS Emperor Palpatine w/ force lightning - $10
ROTS Clone Troopers 3-pack (all-white) - $12
ROTS Clone Troopers 3-pack (w/ red clone variant) - $12
POTF Stormtrooper (Crowd Control) - $6
POTF Probe Droid - $6

Miscellaneous Exclusives

Target Exclusive Duel @ Mustafar Darth Vader - $14
Target Exclusive Duel @ Mustafar Obi Wan - $14
25th Anniversary packs - Death Star Escape (Han & Chewy) - $8
Toys R Us Exclusive Yoda Kashyyyk Transmission Hologram (2 available) - $8 each
Toys R Us Exclusive Darth Vader Special Edition 500th figure - $16
1997 Frito Lay Mail-Away Figure Spirit Of Obi Wan x2 - $6
Episode 1 Sneak Preview Mail-Away Mace Windu - $6

Action Fleet

Factory sealed (unless noted), and from a smoke/pet-free home. Pictures next to each item are the real item from my collection.

Naboo Starfighter - $15
Solar Sailer - $15

Even if it reads Pending, please ask about it anyways. The deal may not go through! All offers will be considered

Payments can be in the form of money order, cashiers check or paypal (preferred). If you make a paypal payment, I only ask that it be a bank transfer, echeck or from an existing paypal balance only. Unfortunately, my account is not set up to receive credit/debit card payments. Please make sure your paypal account is set up to those stipulations. If you need to view my feedback, please check below. Thanks!
Dec 27, 2005
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Re: FS - Remaining Hasbro items & Action Fleet

50% off all items thru Thursday 9/2 only (the only item excluded is the code 3 Tie Fighter). If there is something you want from my list, you can have it for 50% off the listed price. Period. Save even more when you buy multiple items to combine shipping. PM me if interested.