3 and 4 Dollar figures! B.A.D, Titaniums, and Modern Loose figures

Mar 13, 2011
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New: Take $1 off the price of any figure

All are loose and in mint condition unless specified otherwise. Come with accessories pictured. Buyer pays extra for shipping (quote will be provided) and discounts for bigger orders.

Feel free to ask about any of the figures

Titanium Die cast figures
Baron Fel's Tie Interceptor - $4
John Branon's Red Four X-wing - $4
Pictured Titaniums with stands- $3 each or $15 for all

Prices below following pictures:

$2 each for Build-A-Droid Pieces

$4 Each

$3 Each

$3 Each

$2 Each

$3 Each

$4 Each
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