3.75 Narglatch from Clone Wars

You need to video your work, then speed it up for a 15 minute YouTube video. It would be fascinating to see how you sculpt these.
On one hand, of course I'd love to see that too. On the other hand, it'd be like revealing a video that shows how a magic trick works. Since I'll never be able to replicate the magic myself, part of me just wants to be dazzled by the magic.

Beautiful work, your projects always bring me joy! They also look like they're made of candy, like aside from being stunning little works of art, they'd be delicious. It's like a supercool Star Wars creature made of peanut butter fudge.

Edit: I was rewatching the first episode of Season One of The Mandalorian and when the Ravenak came up out of the ice and grabbed the Crest, I thought about how much I'd love to see you sculpt that beast someday.
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Always happy to see JediJJep's latest hand-sculpted custom creation! Another very promising one from one my favourite episode of TCW Season 1.
Thanks so much guys it is good to be creating and putting out some product when I can. I am still trying to get through the clone set. I have tried to do the time lapse video before but I can’t ever keep the project in one place and half the time it is turned upside down when I am working on it. I would need to do go pro type video. I think that would be fun. But I don’t think it would be very entertaining. Least of all I don’t think it would reveal any magic. Most of techniques and tools are out there. End the end it is just fun. If it stops being fun then what’s the point. I got the head mold made and cast some head along with more of the Blurrg heads.
Looking awesome so far.
I have never really been a fan of sculpy since it needs to be boiled or baked, but having just finished a crude Model Magic face, I'm painfully aware of the limitations after seeing the details you can achieve.
Agreed Utinniii! I tried doing some milliput details and realized it isn't made for that and someone at my skill level.

Something more malleable and workable in skilled hands as seen above is a good example of what can be accomplished.
I started making the mane. It is a long tedious process. Each hair has it own 30 gauge braided wire for support. I went a different route with the clay this time. The problem with super sculpey is it is quite fragile so I used cosclay. Cosclay is a flexible oven bake clay. This is the first time I have used it and we will see how it works, stay tuned.
I had a little time to work on the Narglatch project. I have cantina, Kwill Blurrg diorama that I am also trying to work on. I am just about finished up with this one. I made some micro micro loop tools to try a different technique for hair texture. The hair texture in the cartoon appears to be non existent so I tried to make it mine pretty subtle. It didn’t turn out too bad and saved about 10 hours or so.

You asked for it Utinnii. Making your own micro loop tools. If you are going to make a micro loop get between 30 and 32 gauge wire at Lowe’s or where ever. You find it in the section that sells stuff for hanging pictures. Get some tubes at hobby lobby they sell aluminum and copper tubes. You want to get the smaller copper tubes. Avoid the aluminum tubes they are too soft. Cut the wire to make the size and shape loop you want then braid the wire. Stick it in the tube and crimp the tube so your loop stays secure and cut the the size you want. Now you have a micro loop tool to add micro details. I use them to make hair texture.

Huh, interesting. I'm guessing you pressed the edge up against the sculpt to make those strand like textures?

Also, I couldn't help but see a blackhead extractor when I first saw the tool.