3.75 Blurrg

That is incredible! I don't know why Hasbro hasn't done a Blurrg in 3.75", especially since there's a great 1/6 Sideshow version. This is yet another stunning creation of yours.
I always enjoy seeing your creations. They are very inspiring. I love a good Blurrg, but I'm more partial to the original, larger Blurrg from the Ewok movie.
Thanks you so much for all the positive feedback. I was sure Hasbro was going to make a Blurrg too. I put it off for a long time for that reason. It is also probably my least favorite creature. Something is just off about it. It just doesn’t work. Am I the only one?
A piranha head with T-Rex arms and stubby back legs? What's not to love, especially since the smaller ones don't get the cancerous growths on the underside like the Ewok one did?
Natural selection wants it dead, that's for sure.
I am just about done with the Blurrg prototype. The arms are off but not enough to really bother me. I still have to make the halter and the reins. I am ordering some more flexible material to make that then on to make the rest of the display.
Simply amazing. Just curious, what sort of clay are you using to sculpt it? Is is a type of oven baked polymer clay?
Wow thanks so much. It is hard to believe I started sculpting 17 years ago. I wish it was my real job! The clay that I use is super sculpey. Just the stand polymer oven bake clay.
Your sculpt and paint job are truly pro, as always. 🤩