FS 3.75" Astromechs for sale, including Disney Droid Factory

Jul 27, 2002
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All sales on here are suspended, will be auctioning off the remaining droids if interested beginning Friday 8/13/21:

Up for sale are modern Astromech droids, selling off my collection due to having to unexpectedly replace my refrigerator. LOL

All items were purchased new, unless noted, were displayed briefly, and stored in plastic-safe storage containers. No dust, come from smoke-free home. Only selling to US buyers only, sorry for any inconvenience. If you are international and desire multiple figures, then I may consider selling through ebay to have the protection of the Global Shipping Program. Accept payment by PayPal only. Any orders over $25 will include free USPS First Class shipping. Not looking to trade, selling only. Some items are currently listed on ebay, if you commit to purchase, then I will remove them from ebay as soon as possible, but while communicating if they sale, then I will fulfill that order first.

I have done my absolute best to correctly identify each figure, but I could have made a mistake. If an accessory is not shown with figure, it is not included, unless otherwise noted - what you see is what will be shipped. Please ask questions prior to purchase, as I am more than happy to answer any questions.

I will generally cut you a better deal if you order more than just a couple figures. Please feel free to make offers. Am open to selling the entire group if the price is right. Private messages will be responded to in order that they are received. Thank you for your patience!

When inquiring about purchases, please make sure to note which lot (photo) and figure you are interested in, as there are multiples.
***Pricing is per figure***

Lot A:
R2-N3 (Wal-Mart Royal Starship Droids/Discover the Force) $15 each
R2-Whistler (Wal-Mart Droid Factory/Legacy Collection) $15 each
Y5-X2 (Disney Collection 2-Pack) $8 SOLD
R2-X2 (Legacy Collection) $20 each 1 SOLD
R2-A6 (Entertainment Earth/Saga Collection) $14
R4-F5 (Wal-Mart Droid Factory/Legacy Collection) $14
R4-X2 (Disney Collection 2-Pack) $8 SOLD

Lot B:
R4-H5 (Wal-Mart Droid Factory/Legacy Collection) $10 SOLD
G8-R3 (Discover the Force) $13 each 1 SOLD
R4-I9 (Saga Imperial Forces Pack) $13
R5-D4 (Saga Collection) $10
R2-MK (BAD/JSF Non-Chrome Version) $40
CB-3D (Wal-Mart Droid Factory/Legacy Collection) $15 each
R2-A3 (Legacy Wedge X-Wing Pack-In) $35
R2-T0 (Wal-Mart Droid Factory/Legacy Collection) $15

Lot C:
R4-M9 (Star Tours/Aqua) $14
R2-Q5 (POTJ) $8
R3-T7 (POTJ) $8
R3-Y2 (Entertainment Earth/Saga Collection) $14 SOLD
R2-A5 (Entertainment Earth/Black Series) $14 SOLD
R4-M9 (POTJ/Green) $12 SOLD
R4-C7 (30th Collection) $16
R3-D3 (Star Tours) $14
R3-T6 (Saga Collection) $20
R2-D2 Chrome (Toys R Us Saga) $8 SOLD

Lot D:
R2-X2 (Entertainment Earth/Saga Collection) $25
R7-D4 (Entertainment Earth/Black Series) $10
R2-Q2 (Entertainment Earth/Saga Collection) $25 SOLD
R4-P17 (Saga Legends) $10
R4-E1(Entertainment Earth/Saga Collection) $25
R2-T7 (Toys R Us/Shadow of the Dark Side) $20
Jabba's Bartender (Entertainment Earth/Black Series) $20 SOLD
R2-M5 (Entertainment Earth/Saga Collection) $18 SOLD
R4-P17 (ROTS) $12
R4-P17 "Clean" (Kamino Conflict Battlepack/Legacy Collection) $10 SOLD

Lot E:
R4-G9 (ROTS) $10
R2-B1 (30th) $10
R5-2JE (Disney) $14 SOLD
R4-M6 (Saga Collection) $16, $12 (one shows some play wear)
R2-KT (30th) $30 SOLD
R3-T2 (Entertainment Earth/Saga Collection) $18
R5-D4 (Saga Collection) $10
R5-D4 (Vintage Collection BAD Style) $10 each SOLD

Lot F:
R5-G19 (Black Series) $10
R5-D8 (Yavin Pilot Pack/Movie Heroes) $25
R5-D2 (Star Tours) $14 SOLD
R2-D2 (Disney Droid Factory) $14 SOLD

R2-C4 (Entertainment Earth/Saga Collection) $20
R5-D4 (Saga Collection) $10
R2-B1 (Wal-Mart Royal Starship Droids/Discover the Force) $15 each
R2-R9 (Wal-Mart Royal Starship Droids/Discover the Force) $15 each

Lot G:
R2-D2 (Legacy Collection/Resurgence of the Jedi Battlepack) $20 each
R4-K5 (Saga Collection) $18
R2-R9 (30th) $15
R2-D2 (Battle Damaged/Wal-Mart Droid Factory/Legacy Collection) $15
QT-KT (Entertainment Earth/Black Series) $18 SOLD
R2-D2 (30th Comic Style, both have discoloration) $5 each
R2-D2 (Wal-Mart Royal Starship Droids/Discover the Force) $10

Lot H:
R2-D2 (Battle of Hoth/Saga) $8
R4-A22 (Entertainment Earth/Saga Collection) $18
R5-A2 (Legacy BAD) $20 each 1 SOLD
R2-D2 (VOTC) $8
R2-D2 (Saga Collection Dagobah X-Wing Pack-In) $10
R2-D2 (Legacy Shield Generator) $14
R2-SHP (Disney) $13
R6-LE5 $13

Lot I:
R1-G4 (Saga) $18 SOLD
Red Astromech (R2/R5 Domes/ Target Galaxy's Edge) $10 SOLD

R4-B0018 $16
R2-D2 (30th McQuarrie) $8 SOLD
Purple/Pink Astromech (Target Galaxy's Edge) $10 SOLD

R7-F5 (Entertainment Earth/Black Series) $15
R3-A2 (Saga) $15
Yellow R2 (Disney Droid Factory 2012) $27
Orange/Black Astromech (Target Galaxy's Edge) $10 SOLD
R2-H16 (NO HAT) $20 SOLD
R3-H17 $20 SOLD

R2-H15 (NO HAT) $50 SOLD
R2-D2 (Wal-Mart Royal Starship Droids/Discover the Force) $10

Lot J:
R2-F1P (Disney) $20 SOLD
R0-4LO (Disney) $20 SOLD

R5-X3 (Disney) $20 each SOLD
R5-SK1 (Disney) $18 SOLD
R2-BHD (Disney) $27 SOLD

R5-F7 (Battle of Yavin/Toys R Us/ 30th) $27 SOLD
R4-M9 (Disney) $20
Red/White R2 Astromech (Disney Droid Factory 2015) $40 SOLD
Red/White R5 Astromech (Disney Droid Factory 2015) $27 SOLD

Lot K:
Red R2 Astromech (Disney Droid Factory 2012) $20 each SOLD
R2-Q2 (Disney Droid Factory 2015) $35 SOLD
Black/White/Gold R7 (Disney Droid Factory 2015) $30 SOLD
R7-A7 Ahsoka's Droid (Disney Droid Factory 2015) $50 SOLD

R8-B7 (Disney Droid Factory 2015) $50
Blue/White R4 (Disney Droid Factory 2012) $27 SOLD
Blue/White R7 (Disney Droid Factory 2012) $27 SOLD
R3-M2 (Disney) $30
Purple/White R6 (Disney Droid Factory 2012) $30 SOLD

Lot L:
R1-J1 (Disney) $25 (I originally paid $100 for set) SOLD
Yellow R7 (Disney Droid Factory 2012) $32 SOLD

Black R7 (Disney Droid Factory 2012) $32 SOLD
L4-R6 (Disney) $25 (I originally paid $100 for set) SOLD
R4-M6 (Disney Droid Factory 2015) $35 SOLD
R5-B0019 $35 SOLD

Lot M (Disney Weighted/Split-in-Half Units):
BB-H20 $15
2BB-2 $15 SOLD
BB-8 $12
BB-9E $12

CB-23 $20 (I originally paid $40) SOLD
BB-4 $15
BB-19H $18

Lot N: (Hasbro Non-Weighted/Solid Units/Flat Bottom):
BB-8 $5 each
Red/White/Black BB (Target Galaxy's Edge) $5 SOLD
Purple BB (Target Galaxy's Edge) $5 SOLD

Blue/Red BB (Target Galaxy's Edge) $5
Red/White Head BB (Target Galaxy's Edge) $5
Black/White BB (Target Galaxy's Edge) $5
Black BB (Target Galaxy's Edge) $5
Mouse Droid $3

Please check out my feedback here:


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Jul 27, 2002
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Update with sold items, items are available, just can't change my thread title - sorry!