22 carded fetts/ mandelorians 150 bucks shipped

Jan 8, 2009
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all these guys carded. some minor sun damage but the cards are straight. id say a solid average of 8/10
looking for 150 shipped for everything i really dont want to break them up
potf red bob
potf green boba
saga legends jango
legacy collection boba
legacy jango
legacy jodo kast
intage collection ESB boba
aotc jango kamino
aotc jango slave 1 pilot
aotc jango final battle
aotc boba pitt of carkoon
saga collection boba
aotc young boba
trilogy collection boba
aotc sneek preview jango
30th aniversary christmas special boba
30th mcquarie boba
30th saga legends boba
saga legends jango
boba fett/ RA7 comic pack
boba fett/ ig88 comic pack
fenn shysa/ dengar comic pack
tobbi dala/ princess leia comic pack
jango fett/ coleman trebor 2 pack

open to offers
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