2013 Finds

Dec 31, 2012
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Hey Guys, I figured we could start a 2013 finds thread? Looks like even the 2012 thread fell off in early december.

Recently I ventured out to a few targets looking for clearance Vintage figures. Every store was wiped out clean. Did find one Qui-Gon for $2.98! I know he is not a fan favorite but at that price you cant lose.

Stopped at a few Marshals and TJ Maxx stores. Not much but i did find a few figures for $4.99. Picked up a Mace and Droideka.
Sep 5, 2011
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I have tried in the past 4 days

Toys R Us- empty pegs.. nothing vintage figure wise. Figures are of the Revenge, clone wars thats it. If it wasnt from the Vintage collection tho, i didnt even bother look remember what they had. I did find tho two Falcons, two Y fighters on an end cap and that was it.

Stopped at my local Target- zippo.... lots of pegs, empty racks below with no ships,,, just some new stuff i forget the line. Again, if it wasnt Vintage, I didnt pay attention.

Kmart- Found my AT-ST's, ROTJ scout packs, Ewok packs, only one ROTJ vintage figure but cant rememer who it was and then more empty pegs

Wal-Mart - too depressing to even go in those stores ,,, what has this country come too :/ but i looked anyways, empty pegs, everything is messy,,, i was regretting I even bothered to look lol

Meijer- Found one SW vintage sangrooper at one store at another found the blue packaging sandtrooper.

HAd a family check a Kmart miles away from the other and they also found AT-STs, ewoks, scout packs and Revenge and Clone Wars figs.

So tough going in finding vintage ima keep trying but its clear i missed the better releases even on the second time over.