QUESTION 2004 OTC Vader variant or error? You decide (for me).

Apr 29, 2020
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Northern California
Hello All,
After looking at this figure a long, long, time I think I discovered a Hasbro factory error or variant!! Please chime in and let me know what you think about my findings, and how you would categorize this. I'm not sure if this is known, unknown, or valueless, so please give me your opinions, as it is a real physical difference in the figure, and not the cardback like many modern variants are. I'm not sure if this is even rare, but I have both carded versions in my collection, and would be curious on how it affects the value?

Back story: I have another post here: that I didn't have too much help with (aside from LitoFett [thanks!]) in getting a resolution. Basically, I have 2 MOC OTC Vaders with differing arm sculpts (please view the previous thread for details and pics). One arm is basically "wrinkly" and one arm is "smooth" sculpted.

I recently found these images (below) on Ebay from someone selling a loose OTC Vader. What I think happened, is a factory error assembling the arms. The back of the Vader arms are smooth (tricep area), but the fronts are "creased" in the biceps on the front side. My hypothesis is that a factory worker switch the L and R top arms with R and L bottom arms (hand/forearm). Since the articulation at the "hand/forearm" is straight across, it's possible to put the incorrect TOP of the arm in the wrong place in the torso (R->L and L-->R) and rotate the hand to look normal. The elbow should even bend the same way. So I think what I've found may be a true error from Hasbro's China factory (the "smooth" arm being the error).

"Normal" release figure with "wrinkled" arm features on the biceps and "smooth" sculpted triceps:


Variant/Error figure with the upper arms reversed, but correct hands (my carded Vader image):


How this may be possible: Again, my assumption is that the factory workers got something wrong during production assembly and swapped the upper arms into the wrong place (i.e. R->L and L->R). Once you mix up the upper arms, popping the lower arms into place would be very easy.

Here's how easy it is to pop the arms off the OTC Vader: