1st wave legos sets for sale in lot

Aug 30, 2003
Reaction score
7104 tatooine skiff
7140 x wing fighter
7161 Gungan sub
7146 Tie Fighter
7151 Sith Infiltrator
7130 Rebel Snowspeeder
7115 Gungan Patrol
7131 Anakins Podracer
7141 Naboo Fighter
7180 B Wing Fighter
7150 Y Wing Fighter
7143 Jedi Starfighter
7144 Slave 1
7124 Flash Speeder

There is over 30 figures here with weapons. These are all from the first waves of Star Wars lego. All the sets are partially assembled and there is a box of disassembled parts. I think there is even Darth Maul and some stormtroopers/scouts and other figures too. I can send pictures and answer questions if you email me at vedarbytoys@yahoo.com. I am asking $425 for the lot. I cannot really brake it up, but let me know if you want some minifigs.