1979 Kenner Millennium Falcon Restoration Thoughts and Questions

Apr 16, 2021
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La Crescenta, CA
Hello fellow scum!

I'm currently restoring a 1979 Millenium Falcon and thought I would share some of the results. As a child of the 80's, I was born after the release of a bulk of the Star Wars vintage lines, and have started collecting them to create a modest collection. I consider this my mid-life crisis convertible haha. I've become obsessed with restoration videos by Retroblasting, Toy Polloi, and Rescue & Restoration.

The initial body, cockpit, and cardboard insert were all from my first falcon purchase. The body was in great shape, and it included the back cover which was a plus. While I have been impressed with others' attempts at whitening the shell, I actually like any yellowing as it resembles the ship from the film more accurately. That sucker was never clean in the film, so any stains are welcome :) I preserved all the original stickers that were salvageable, and plan on replacing them with reproductions.

I ended up purchasing a second Falcon that was in rough shape but included the Gunner assembly. To my surprised, it arrived with the intact ramp as well.
As I began to disassemble the ship, I heard a rattling inside. Upon opening her up, I discovered a stowaway. Who knows how long he had been inside.
So here she is all put together. Waiting for new stickers.
At this point I'm missing the ramp arms, canopy with glass, satellite, smugglers cover, chessboard, and of course the Jedi training arm and orb. So basically everything :ROFLMAO: I don't plan on getting them any time soon as they tend to be quite expensive. Do people have secret ways of sourcing these things? Or do people trade? I'm happy with it incomplete but I'd love to hear of others' experiences and how they went about completing their ships. Any and all advice and stories are appreciated.

Thanks for taking a look!