12" MIMB/MISB/MIB for sale; Death Star Gunner and Tarkin!

Aug 15, 2001
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1. Death Star Gunner and Tarkin
The box is sealed and in very good condition. The cover flap shows some edge wear on the right side. There is a minor dent in the bottom left corner. There is also about a quarter-sized indentation on the front cover flap at the bottom center. Other than that, a beautiful specimen (and these are rather minor flaws). If you display it with the flap up (as you should), it will look magnificent.
$65, or will trade for loose/mint/complete version of the same plus a loose 12" TIE Pilot

2. AT-AT Driver MIMB $25
3. Han Hoth MIMB $15
4. Luke Hoth MIMB $15
5. Lando MIMB $15
6. Tusken Raider with gun MIMB $15
7. Stormtrooper MIB (opened, but well preserved) $20
8. Ponda Baba MISB (wear on box) $10
9. Ultimate Jango Fett MISB (some wear on box) $30

I would also consider any trade involving SAGA Ewoks and Biker Scouts for items 2-9 (and loose/complete would be fine). Buyer pays Priority Mail shipping with d.c. Please e-mail me if interested. Thanks!