12" Luke speeder, snowspeeder, POTF/J, etc. for sale.

Mar 21, 2002
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I have the following MIMB/MOMC (never removed) items for sale:

(Two) 12" Luke with Speeder $32.00 ea.
(One) 12" Biker Scout with Speeder $40.00

POTJ Snowspeeder (Luke and Dax) $30.00
POTJ Carbon-Freezing Chamber $20.00
POTJ Endor Attack playset $15.00
POTJ Hoth Battle playset $20.00
POTJ Biker Scout (clean version) $10.00
POTJ Biker Scout (dirty version) $6.00
POTJ Sandtrooper $5.00
POTJ R4-M9 MOMC $4.00

POTF Freeze Frame AT-AT Driver $7.00
POTF Commtech Stromtrooper MOMC $4.00
POTF Max Rebo and Doda $10.00
POTF Red Carded Stormtrooper $3.00
POTF Red Carded Darth Vader $2.50
POTF Red Carded Luke Skywalker $2.50
POTF Red Carded Leia (either 2 or 3 ring belt) $2.50
POTF Red Carded Chewbacca $2.50
POTF Red Carded Obi-Wan Kenobi (long photo) $2.50
POTF Red Carded Obi-Wan Kenobi (short photo) $2.50
POTF Royal Guard $2.00

Obi-Wan Kenobi (clear) mail-away $2
Han Stormtrooper mail-away $5

Fan Club Exclusive: Stormtrooper (4 figures) Troop Builder sealed set : $16 which includes USPS S&H (domestic) via bubble wrapped envelope and Delivery Confirmation (have a number of sets).

Expanded Universe set of 9 figures (MOMC case fresh) $110 which includes S&H (domestically).

Purchase with confidence…

I have been buying/selling/trading vintage Star Wars toys for 9+ years and have sold to over 3,145 customers worldwide. Have many vintage loose/carded figures that I will be posting on the vintage forum later this week. Combine multiple purchases and save on S&H.

Price do not include shipping (except were noted). Payment must be by USPS Money Order or cash (certified delivery). Email me directly (swcollect99@aol..com) with any questions or inquires! Will ship internationally and provide exact S&H.