12 inch Han with Unproduced 12 Inch Lando Pants/Boots On

Jul 13, 2016
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Hi everyone, as the title says I think my 12 inch Han that I’ve had for years actually has unproduced 12 inch lando pants and boots on. It may also be a mock up figure for lando, but I’m not really sure. When I looked back at my list I had written down that it came from an estate sale, not sure where, and that it only had the figure, shirt, pants, and boots on it when I bought it.

As I mentioned I’ve had this han for years and recently bought a new one which was almost complete to add missing accessories to the existing han I had. Once I put them next to each other to compare which accessories and clothing were in the best condition, I realized that the han I’ve had for years was wearing different pants and the boots were slightly different. At that point I started to search for photos of which pants actually go on han and found that the new one I just bought had the right pants on, and further searches showed the unproduced 12 inch lando with the same pants as my original han I’ve had.

The pants look to be hand stitched with excess fabric all over the inside and they seem to share the same diagonal fabric lines as the unproduced lando pants. They also seem to be the same length as the lando pants, as they are much longer than the other hans pants and have a snap clip on the back of them rather than an elastic band. I took close ups of the two pants and how they go into the boots as well, since they are a lot bulkier and a thicker material. The boots are about a quarter inch shorter and have a smaller shoe size, which makes them really tight on hans feet as I could barely get them off and currently I can’t get them back on. The only other thing I noticed was that the top opening is the same diameter as the other han boots. I’m not sure about the shirt as it looks the same except for the additional blank paper tag on the inside seam of it. As far as the figure goes it looks like a normal han figure with all the copyright info on it and I can’t see any differences there.

I’m not sure if this figure was a mock up to show the lando figure or if it just has lando pants and boots on. Any help determining what I have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much everyone.

Here's some pictures I took
The left and middle photo show just the han and the right photo has both hans (left han is the one with possible lando outfit parts).
The left photo is the han with possible lando outfit parts.
Heres just the pants, left 2 photos are right side out and the right 2 photos are inside out.
Heres the boots, left photo is the han with possible lando outfit, the right is the regular han.
Heres just the boots left photo is the foot size (left 2 boots possible lando ones) and right photo is the length of the boots (middle 2 boots are possible lando ones).
Heres the photo I found on google showing what looks to be the same pants on a lando figure. Sorry if this is someones photo.

Thanks again for any insight and help in figuring out what I have here.
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I think those pants may be from the Collectors Series Lando doll. I have one kicking around somewhere, and it has a similar clasp for the pants. If that's the case, that's probably where the boots are from as well.

I'm rather curious as to how this will end
Thanks for the reply, I took a look at some pictures of the collectors series lando doll and they look similar but I don't think there the same.

I'm just as curious so hopefully some other members will be able to help figure this one out!
Bumping my old thread maybe someone out there might be able to chime in on this one. Thanks