1/43 Movie cars die cast

Feb 9, 2002
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Austria / Europe
Just curious if someone could help me here.
From time to time I order 1/43 scales movie car die casts.
Right now I have:
007 : DB5 and Lotus Submarine
BTTF : 4 different Delorean
Supernatural : Impala
John Wick : Mustang 429 Boss

not much so far as I find it pretty hard to find selected cars in this scale, but that size is just perfect for my shelfs.

Anyway, just recently I ordered 60 seconds "Eleanor" and Bandits TransAm, and I was wondering if anyone knows, if Snowmans Truck would be available too in this scale or am I forced to custompaint one ?🤔

How about Rubber Ducks truck from Convoy ? would look pretty sweet with the polished tank.🤩

Also I find it pretty weird that I can't find ANY Bumblebee car ( camaros or beatle ) in 43scale. 32, 24, 18scales.. no problem, 43 though 😳