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Thread: POTF2 worth keeping?

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    Re: POTF2 worth keeping?

    It's cool to get such varied feedback on POTF2. For sure there is a sharp division in whether collectors 'love' or 'hate' the line.

    Unfortunately, this is not helping my decision. I read one post and I decide to get rid of them, the next post convinces me to keep them.

    I guess I'll have to mull it around for a while.

    Thanks for all the feedback. You've all given me something to think about.
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    Re: POTF2 worth keeping?

    POTF is where it all started, yeah the figures were horrible but they were aimed at kids when the line started, it was only later that collectors emerged and Hasbro shifted away giving us some weird and wacky choices. Without this line we wouldn't be here now.

    It's to go back and laugh about the figures.

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    Re: POTF2 worth keeping?

    As far as a collecting hobby is concerned, POTF2 is an awesome line. As you can see here, a lot of people are still digging this series, for whatever reason, and there is a strong collector base that isn't likely to fade away soon.

    Financially, you're gonna take a bath selling most POTF2 items. Even stuff that's pretty tough to find 10+ years later will generally fetch a low price, unfortunately, simply because SO many people collected POTF2. There's still a high level of interest in foreign items, prototypes, variations and so forth, but prices remain greatly deflated for the most part. So, even if you really needed the money, it may still not be worth unloading them at the moment.

    IMHO, hold on to the figures for now It's a buyer's market currently which means 1) it's usually easy to fill holes in the collection; 2) figures are widely available, despite the rock-bottom prices right now; 3) if you have patience, you will find that you'll be able to acquire some cool items for the long run. People tend to underestimate how much amazing history is behind the POTF2 line, making it very enjoyable to collect

    Whatever you decide to do, good luck!

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    Re: POTF2 worth keeping?

    I agree, right now there is so much POTF2 on eBay and the like for very very little. Even formerly "hot" or "rare" figures can be found cheap, although there are still a few that even today still fetch a decent price, if they're MOC, if its a Dagobah Luke then you'll barely get a buck, but if its something a bit more rare maybe a few bucks...

    But as the line gets sold off, has some more age on it, and the younguns become the nostalgic old farts, then the values will slowly edge up. Remember, it took some time for the latter Vintage stuff to become worth something. So give it time. Sell off the doubles, trade off the loose stuff maybe, there are plenty who like using POTF2 stuff for customs, dioramas and other hole fillers. And if you've got Canadian releases with their package, that's already a draw for an American or foreign collector.

    Even most comic shops have purged their old POTF2 stock, unless its like a signed figure, or a "rare" variant, or they're just greedy SOB's who still want to sell it for what you could have sold it for back in 97

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    Re: POTF2 worth keeping?

    It's probably the best time to finish off the set or even start one of you already haven't - POTF2 are going for next to nothing!

    I'd take POTF2 over those Bend-Ems that's for sure.
    I got rid of my Bend-Ems for a buck each and haven't missed them!!
    Looking for a MOMC set of Episode I (2-Inch) Mini Figures and Anakin/Naboo Fighter set.

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    Re: POTF2 worth keeping?

    If there in a drawer anyways, I'd sell them off. If you just lock them away, might as well only keep the ones you really want.

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    Re: POTF2 worth keeping?

    I for one am selling off my freeze frame figures. A short
    while back I sold my Weequay and Sandtrooper. I held off
    selling them for over a year because of what I had to do to
    get the Weequay. I still regret selling them, but I decided
    to sell/trade/donate all of my Star Wars action figures,
    ships, and playsets, and just collect Action Fleet/Micromachines.

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    Re: POTF2 worth keeping?

    A guy at a local collector's store has offered me $60 cash or $90 store credit for the following.

    If anyone can tell me if this is a good deal or not, I'd be very grateful.

    POTF2: Orange Card

    -Darth Vader x1
    -Luke Skywalker x1
    -Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight x1
    -Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot
    -Leia Organa x2( 1 MOC, 1 with bend in card)
    -Chewbacca x1
    -Lando Calrissian x2 (1 MOC, 1 warped card)
    -Yoda x1
    -Han Solo Hoth Gear x1

    POTF2: Green Card

    -Han Solo x1
    -Han Solo in Carbonite x1


    -Han Solo Endor Gear x1
    -Dengar x1
    -Bib Fortuna x1
    -Bossk x1


    -Prune Face x2


    -Endor Luke Skywalker with Speeder Bike (MI

    Box Sets:

    -Cantina Showdown (Ponda Baba, Dr. Evazan, Ben Kenobi) x1 (MI
    -Han Solo and Jabba the Hutt x1 (MI
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    Re: POTF2 worth keeping?

    That is a little less than 3 bucks a piece if you take the cash. 4 Bucks if you take the credit. Its not really that bad of a deal.

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    Re: POTF2 worth keeping?

    A good deal for you! But he will struggle to move them on with any type of profit (but that's not your problem!)
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