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    New section

    By request, I've added this new section for you Indianapolis collectors.

    Remember to pay attention to the post limits, like you've been doing, otherwise, Enjoy!

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    Re: New section

    Thanks Curto!!
    Always looking for rare or odd Boba Fett items and vintage Masters of the Universe

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    Re: New section

    Awesome! So what kinds of threads are we allowed to start in here?
    Want: Treachery on Saleucami battlepack.

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    Re: New section

    Thanks Curto!
    GO COLTS!!! GO CUBS!!!
    Feedback link in my profile.

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    Re: New section

    First the Super Bowl, now this!

    Save your child's sight; educate yourself on Retinoblastoma.

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    Re: New section

    Thanks for the new digs!

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    Re: New section

    You're welcome folks! Have fun.
    PM me when you move onto a new thread and need the one one locked.

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