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Thread: Odd Snowtrooper Variations?

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    Odd Snowtrooper Variations?


    Recently I dug up some of my old Star Wars figures, and noticed something I haden't as a child:

    Both figures were purchased in the 1980's so I can't remember if they were on ESB or ROTJ cards. Figure A, has the "monoeye" usually associated with figures made in China, but the back of his legs show this:

    So apparently Figure A is made in Hong Kong, is this a common variation?

    The second figure "B" has a torso that is painted. What's amazing is the color is still so vibrant after all these years:

    Figure B is also made in Hong Kong.

    Can anyone share some light on the history of these figures?


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    Re: Odd Snowtrooper Variations?

    My painted torso Snowtrooper was found on a 77 back ROTJ card. I've always wondered the same about its origin.


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    Re: Odd Snowtrooper Variations?

    This painted torso one is new to me, and I thought I was a variation expert. This is the 2nd. or 3rd. new variation, I have learned about this year.

    I have a question concerning it. When the torso is painted, does that meen it's molded in black?

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    Re: Odd Snowtrooper Variations?

    Well, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one running around with painted torso Snowtrooopers!

    I checked the figure (nicked it with a blade), and there's white plastic under the paint. Makes you wonder why the factory would go an extra step and cost of painting white plastic...white?


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    Re: Odd Snowtrooper Variations?

    Does anyone really have any info on this painted torso snowtrooper. I have one also and on the upper portion of the leg where the COO is kong has been scared out. It just says Hong.

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    Re: Odd Snowtrooper Variations?

    This hard torso (painted torso) snowtrooper was already discussed here.

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    Re: Odd Snowtrooper Variations?

    Quote Originally Posted by HWR
    This painted torso one is new to me,
    Same here.


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    Re: Odd Snowtrooper Variations?

    It's new to me too, but because of the other snow trooper thread I've just realised that my Tri trooper is painted

    I can't believe I've not noticed that before

    The paint stops at the sides, and is more noticable on the back. Very odd the wonderful world of Star Wars die cast

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    Re: Odd Snowtrooper Variations?

    I had a YPS snowtrooper once that appeared to have a painted torso. At least it was sold to me a YPS from another member here. Had the tri variant rifle and round holes in cape.

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    Re: Odd Snowtrooper Variations?

    Quote Originally Posted by MINIATUREART

    So apparently Figure A is made in Hong Kong, is this a common variation?
    yep - onevisor HK is a common one
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