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Thread: Sarlacc Pit(2/5update)

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    Re: Sarlacc Pit(WIP)

    Hey Guys! Here is a little update I added some tenticles and finished the base. I unfortunately won't be making a mold. It would take quite a chunk of change to make and I don't have the time right now to do it.

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    Re: Sarlacc Pit(WIP)

    Holy crap thats awesome! Whats up with all those little droids?

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    Re: Sarlacc Pit(WIP)

    I beleve that nis to show off Scale .


    Iwant One for Christmas.


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    Re: Sarlacc Pit(WIP)

    Very nice work as usual!
    Move along, move along.

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    Re: Sarlacc Pit(WIP)

    WOW this is coming along the scale...can't wait to see it all completed...Watch out Boba Fett
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    Re: Sarlacc Pit(WIP)

    Hey, thanks guys! All the little droids are there because my 4 year old is obsessed with them him gets them out every day and plays with them on the counter where I'm working.

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    Re: Sarlacc Pit(WIP)

    Wow! Incredible, truly.
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    Re: Sarlacc Pit(WIP)

    nice point on the Boba. I think the current figure (with the smoke from the jetpack) would work great in this. ya just gotta get him above the mouth somehow.
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    Re: Sarlacc Pit(WIP)

    Really looking great!!!
    Their not dolls, they are action figures!!!

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    Re: Sarlacc Pit(WIP)


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