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Thread: A question for CE artists

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    A question for CE artists

    I have a question for all the artists that worked out of the art show at Celebrations Europe: today is September 24th. Are any of you still awaiting your payment? Adam Hughes and myself are having quite a hard time getting paid, and are considering taking legal action. If any other artists are in this boat, i was thinking that maybe we could pool our resources....

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    Re: A question for CE artists

    That's outrageous, Allison! I can't believe they still haven't paid you, guys.

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    Re: A question for CE artists

    I beleive there are still many outstanding payments to be made for some organizers, signing guests and volunteer badge costs.
    I seek Yoda. Collect him I must. Sell to me your production and preproduction Yoda items you will. Vintage it is, yes yes. Mmm hehehe.

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    Re: A question for CE artists

    Yep, I was a three-day volunteer and I have yet to receive a refund. A fellow volunteer received a 'cheques in the post' email, but I haven't heard he has received it yet.

    And we're only owed 60...

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