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Thread: Recent CD/Music purchases

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    Recent CD/Music purchases

    I went to Best Buy and bought my first CD in over a year. It felt great to buy one in store rather than buy or pirate it online. I didn't see at thread already about this and since there is a DVD thread I figured this is a legit thread.

    I picked up Venus Doom by HIM. Great album so far. You can tell it's them but it's much different. The music and his voice are more metal. Average song is about 5+ minutes.

    I think I may go back and get the new Dropkick Murphys album
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    Re: Recent CD/Music purchases

    I got the new Dropkick Murphys cd. Along with a pointless 2-disc version of Serenity. When the hell did that come out?
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    Re: Recent CD/Music purchases

    Casting Crowns - The Altar and the Door

    Probably my last CD purchase until the new Matchbox Twenty album comes out.
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    Re: Recent CD/Music purchases

    Recent picked up some Killswitch Engage. Not bad.

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    Re: Recent CD/Music purchases

    The last CD I bought was Daughtry, which was around April.
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    Re: Recent CD/Music purchases

    I just bought the remastered Bee Gees "Greatest".

    Say what you want about disco, the Bee Gee's, etc, etc, but the music from them in that era kicked major booty.

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    Re: Recent CD/Music purchases

    Of Montreal - Hissing Fauna, Are you the Destroyer? (Last Week)

    Hot Hot Heat - Happiness Ltd. (Last Week)

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    Re: Recent CD/Music purchases

    Lost Tracks Of Danzig.

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    Re: Recent CD/Music purchases

    Quote Originally Posted by JediMisfit138
    Lost Tracks Of Danzig.
    is it any good?

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    Re: Recent CD/Music purchases

    Yeah, I like it a lot, though the second disc is much better than the first. It was pricey ($27.99 at Best Buy) but worth it. Some of the songs on there I've been wanting to have on CD for years. It comes in a really nice package and it's because of the package that it's located over with the box sets and not the regular CDs, so be sure to check there if you go to a Best Buy or Cicuit City.

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