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Thread: Recent CD/Music purchases

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    Recently picked up:

    -That Dog Retreat From the Sun
    -The Stills/Young Band Long May You Run
    -Metric Fantasies (great album; heard a track on the Scott Pilgrim movie and loved the group)

    Finally, picked up Tool's Fear Inoculum.
    Has a beautiful packaging (digital 4" screen with a 2 watt speaker which shows a digital artsy movie) and mp3 download card which has additional tracks.
    Still feel up in the air about the album. Need a few more listens.
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    I just recently discovered Twilight Force and picked up two of their albums: Heroes of Mighty Magic and Dawn of the Dragonstar. They are a Swedish symphonic power-metal band, with a distinct fantasy/D&D theme to their music. Awesome stuff if you are into heavy metal.
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