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Thread: Recent 4K, Blu-Ray & DVD Purchases

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    Re: Recent DVD Purchases

    I honestly can't recall the last dvd I got. I've been all about netflix lately. Although I do want to complete my Sopranos series and buy season 6

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    Re: Recent DVD Purchases

    Semi OT: Does anyone know how good season 1 of Robot Chicken is?

    I am thinking of buying it, but I've heard that it is either really great or extremely hit or miss.

    Any tips?

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    Re: Recent DVD Purchases

    So many DVDs recently for me. Season 3 of Deadwood, The Cable Guy, and the first 4 seasons of 24.

    Gridhouse presents: Death Proof will be next on Tuesday.

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    Re: Recent DVD Purchases

    The last DVD I got was The Invincible Iron Man. Ok, my wife got it for me. What can I say, she works at Wal-Mart and goes shopping when she gets off. Gets a 10% discount too.

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    Re: Recent DVD Purchases

    the last dvd that i bought was blades of glory. i have been trying to find monster squad, but have no such luck. i think i am gonna have to buy it on the net.

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    Re: Recent DVD Purchases

    Thanks guys! I was starting to feel like some kind of cheapskate for not spending as much on DVD's anymore. The last DvD I bought on release was 300. The Dragonball Z Seasons 1, 2 & 3 are really the only ones I've given an effort as far as hunting them down goes. I think it's cool how they have the feature: Japanese music/sound effects but speaking in English, U.S. version or Original Japanese. The Rocky Balboa alternate ending or Easter Egg special features make me feel like I didn't waste my cash.

    ...not wasting cash? priceless

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    Re: Recent DVD Purchases

    I bought
    Heroes Season 1
    Friday Night Lights Season 1
    Darkwing Duck Vol 1
    Smallville Seasons 2-5
    South Park Season 10
    Fresh Prince Seasons 1-4

    I can't remember what else I've bought this month
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    Re: Recent DVD Purchases

    On my last trip to the store I bought the following:

    Murder by Death
    The Munsters (season 1)
    Extras (season 1)
    V for Vendetta

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    Re: Recent DVD Purchases

    Once I think about it, all I've bought this year are a couple of DVD sets: the Munsters movies and Gomer Pyle Season 1.
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    Re: Recent DVD Purchases

    Yesterday I bought Resident Evil and Resident Evil: Apocalypse as a double feature bonus pack. It came with a movie ticket voucher for Resident Evil: Extinction, so I thought it was worth the price ($13.97).

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