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Thread: Hamill and McDiarmid

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    Hamill and McDiarmid

    I was at CE, and I havnt heard anybody tell any stories of Ian McDiarmid or Mark Hamill's stage appearances.

    What were they like? How did it go? Stories please!
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    Re: Hamill and McDiarmid

    Mark's stage show was officially written about at length and reported here on Rebelscum and I don't think McDiramid did a stage show...I think he was just at the opening ceremony outside on Friday night.
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    Re: Hamill and McDiarmid

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    Re: Hamill and McDiarmid

    Ian McDiarmids full appearance. !!

    I was in the front by the barriers on the right. Im just off screen. Superb too see im in the flesh and very funny.

    Heres a lil of Mark as well

    jus type celebration europe into You Tube or google vids and have a good look theres loads too see

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    Re: Hamill and McDiarmid

    the "do it for charlie" story that MH told on stage was one of the funniest moments of CE

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