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Thread: FS/FT: SW, GI Joe, Transformers

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    FS/FT: SW, GI Joe, TFs, DCUC, Others

    Hello, here's a list of things I have for sale/trade. All loose items are complete unless noted. Please check out my feedback. PM will be the best way to reach me as I don't always check in on my threads.

    Thanks for looking! Since Photobucket is charging now, just request a picture if you're interested in seeing something. Also, please feel free to PM me even if something's pending. You never know, things may work out in your favour.

    Shipping for loose GI Joe, Star Wars, other 3.75" figures and other smaller items will be $3 for the first figure and $0.50 for each additional figure. The figures will be mailed in a padded envelope and the shipping charge includes delivery confirmation. Larger items will be shipped via boxed USPS Priority or First Class, depending on buyer's preference. If you are paying through PayPal, please send as a gift and PM separately with your address in order to avoid fees.


    GI Joe

    25th / ME / Resolute / ROC / POC / 30th / Retaliation / 50th

    Carded / Sealed
    25th W10 Clear Wraith (in star case) – $20

    Loose and complete with full cardback or filecard and stand unless otherwise stated
    ROC W1 Shipwreck – $7
    ROC W3 Baroness (Paris Pursuit) – $10
    50th Cobra Legions BAT – $10

    Vintage/New Sculpt GI Joe figures – no filecards or accessories unless stated
    1986 BAT (comes with claw attachment and backpack) – $10
    1998 Thunderwing (complete) – $12

    Vintage GI Joe Vehicles / Vehicle Parts
    None at the moment


    Miscellaneous – shipping for these will be actual cost rather than what's been quoted above
    G1 Black Seeker left fist (single tab) – $3
    G1 Optimus Prime left fist – $5
    G1 Micromasters Flattop (missing guns, back part of plane) – $5
    G1 Micromasters Hot House (complete and in great shape, no stickers) – $18
    G1 Jumpstarter Twin Twist (figure is in played with condition and has sticker wear, comes with gun) – $5
    6" Titanium 1st Release Megatron – $5
    Power of the Primes Wreck Gar (sealed with shelfwear) – $15

    KO Technobots – $5

    Star Wars

    Carded / Sealed (most have at least a bit of shelfwear)
    TBS Mosep Binneed – $7

    TSC Snowtrooper – $4
    TAC Comic Pack Derek “Hobbie” Klivian and Baron Fel – $20
    TLC R2–A3 (from Target Wedge X–Wing set) – $30
    TLC Wedge Antilles (from Target X–Wing set) – $20
    TFA Rebels Ahsoka – $4
    TFA Rebels Vader – $4

    ROTS Evolutions Count Dooku – $12
    ROTS Evolutions Emperor – $15
    TCW BP Maul – $12
    TCW BP Nightsister – $12
    TCW BP Savage Oppress – $12
    TLC BP Lord Maleval (missing whip) – $60

    TAC CP Obi–Wan Kenobi – $7
    TAC Mace Windu – $7
    TLC Mailaway Qui–Gon Jinn & Eopie – $10
    TLC Saesee Tiin – $12
    TLC Saesee Tiin – $12
    TVC Bastila Shan – $20

    TAC Coins – CZ–4, Elis Helrot, M’iiyoom Onith, Rebel Honor Guard, Tycho Celchu, Umpass Stay – $1 each
    HK–50 right arm – $3

    DC Universe

    DC Universe Classics complete unless noted
    W9 Mantis (Super Powers variant) – $10
    W11 Question – $15
    W14 Zatanna – $25
    Lex Luthor (from Kryptonite Chaos set) – $15

    Young Justice lot (Artemis, Aqualad, Red Arrow and Robin are complete with all accessories minus the bases, Kid Flash) – $50

    DC Universe Infinite Heroes 75th Batman (MOC with light shelfwear) – $12

    DC Multiverse New 52 Doomsday right leg (from DKR Robin) – $4


    CMF HP Percival Graves – $12
    CMF HP Tina Goldstein – $3
    HP Harry Potter (hp153) – $3
    HP Hermione Granger (hp156) – $5
    HP Remus Lupin – (hp157) – $5
    HP Ron Weasley – (hp154) – $3
    HP Trolley Witch (hp158) – $3
    SH Aquaman (sh050) – $3
    SH Thor (sh098) – $3
    SW Admiral Raddus (sw816) – $5
    SW Blue Astromech (sw572) – $15
    SW Chopper (sw565) – $3
    SW Hera Syndulla (sw576) – $5
    SW Ithorian Jedi (sw570) – $15
    SW Moroff (sw824) – $5
    SW Obi–Wan Raako Hardeen (sw498) – $8
    SW RA–7 (sw573) x 2 – $5 each
    SW R2–Q2 (sw303) – $3
    SW R3–S1 (sw809) – $5
    SW Snap Wexley (sw705) – $3
    Toy Story Buzz Lightyear (not CMF) – $5


    Assassin’s Creed New York Connor – $7

    Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian – $40 for the lot

    Funko Mr. T I Pity the Fool Bobblehead (complete with box) – $15

    Marvel Universe
    Falcon – $4
    War Machine (IM2 #12) x 2 – $8 each

    Palisades Muppets
    Statler and Waldorf (missing three tomatoes and a carrot, otherwise complete) – $50 for the pair

    Z Bots Megabot (light playwear, comes with three smaller missiles) – $10

    Wants (all loose unless otherwise noted):

    GI Joe

    25th / ME / ROC / POC / 30th / Retaliation
    25th/ME cardback for W1 Storm Shadow
    ME cardback for W4 Cobra Commander
    ME cardback for W4 Destro
    ME cardback for W4 Duke
    ME cardback for W4 Roadblock
    50th Ace filecard
    50th Blowtorch helmet and mask (green version)
    50th Sightline filecard, rifle
    Joe Club FSS 5.0 General Flagg
    Joecon 2016 Freefall filecard, stand

    Vintage GI Joe Accessories / Body Parts / Vehicles / Vehicle Parts
    1982/83 Snake–Eyes/Steeler uzi
    1985 Zartan pistol
    1988 Nullifier visor
    1989 HEAT Viper shells x 2
    1989 Windchill gun
    1990 Stretcher microphone
    1991 Big Ben bipod


    1987 Strafe with both shoulder guns
    1987 Computron both hands
    1989 Micromaster Airwave missile
    1989 Micromaster Greasepit gas station sign
    1989 Micromaster Race Car Patrol Free Wheeler
    1989 Micromaster Roughstuff missiles, cannon
    1990 Micromaster Anti–Aircraft Base radar dish, radar drum, Micromaster Blackout
    1990 Micromaster Constructor Squad Grit

    Thrilling 30 Deluxe Drift
    Thrilling 30 Titan Metroplex helmet (high priority), guns
    Combiner Wars Legends Powerglide
    Titans Return Legends Rewind
    Titans Return Deluxe Twin Twist
    Titans Return Leader Sixshot

    Generations Paperwork
    Combiner Wars Legends Bombshell instructions
    Combiner Wars Legends Pipes card and instructions
    Combiner Wars Deluxe Blast Off card
    Titans Return Legends Roadburn instructions
    Titans Return Deluxe Brainstorm instructions
    Titans Return Deluxe Chromedome instructions
    Titans Return Deluxe Hardhead card and instructions
    Titans Return Deluxe Mindwipe card and instructions
    Titans Return Deluxe Misfire instructions
    Titans Return Deluxe Skullsmasher card and instructions
    Titans Return Deluxe Wolfwire card and instructions
    Titans Return Voyager Octane instructions
    Power of the Primes Legends Windcharger card and instructions

    SCF/Heroes of Cybertron
    ACT 2 Galvatron
    ACT 2 Minerva
    ACT 2 Rodimus Prime
    ACT 3 Spike (that came with Bumblebee)
    ACT 4 Arcee & Daniel
    ACT 5 Minerva (that came with Metalhawk)
    ACT 6 Soundblaster
    ACT 8 Alpha Trion

    Battle Changers Soundwave (will take the full Ratchet vs. Soundwave set if necessary)

    Star Wars

    Saga R1–G4
    TLC Ecliptic Evader Hobbie Klivian
    TCW10 General Grievous
    Disney Droid Factory C1–10P Chopper


    Set Wants

    Minifig Wants


    MASK Firecracker Hondo Maclean mask
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    Re: H: McFett, McChewie, Senate Pods W: Army Builders

    updated for pending and traded items

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    Re: H: McFett, McChewie, Senate Pods W: Army Builders


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    Re: FS/FT H: Senate Pods, TAC Coins W: Army Build

    b u m p

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    Re: FS/FT H: Senate Pods, TAC Coins W: Army Build


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    Re: FS/FT H: Senate Pods, TAC Coins W: Army Build

    Sent you a pm
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    Re: FS/FT H: McYoda/McObi, TAC Coins W: Army Builders


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    Re: FS/FT H: UGH TAC Luke, Various W: Army Builders

    8/28 bump

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    Re: FS/FT H: Target Saleucami Clones W: Army Builders

    9/02 bump

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