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Thread: CE Swag!

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    CE Swag!

    Hi. How about some photos of the items you bought at CE? Or even the freebies you picked up. Cheers.
    Wanted: Industrial Light & Magic memorabilia, Kenner employee memorabilia.

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    Re: CE Swag!

    There wasn't a great deal of freebies tbh unless I went around with my eyes closed. I know people was collecting the talk coins.

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    Re: CE Swag!

    Quote Originally Posted by matt76
    There wasn't a great deal of freebies tbh unless I went around with my eyes closed. I know people was collecting the talk coins.
    Yeh, we had fun tracking the coins/ medalions down, those who were there will tell you that these are really cool and highly prized and a bit of a fever hit over getting them.

    You are right, there was not many freebies as such but what there was was cool, top trumps promo, mello smello 3d cards, post cards, etc. but nothing real special like the 4 card set from C4, I was really hoping for something like this.

    I really disapponted I could get any of the limited artist prints, I just could carry them home ;( , in fact there was loads I would have had if money and space wasn't an issue. I am glad the promoters took it seriously and you could buy some real neat CE merchandise.
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    Re: CE Swag!

    The McQuarrie stall was giving away free bookmarks - 4 per day (2 art and 2 'chase' which had pics of Ralph on them) I got all 12 and on the last day when I picked up the last 4 I was told by the lady behind the counter that I was one of very few people who had completed a set as some ignorant person had stolen a whole pile of 1 of the chase cards on the Saturday so very few people got a full set!

    Also picked up top trumps cards, lenticular cards, hasbro coins and posters, Concept UK stickers (I went the same route first thing every morning to get all my freebies!!)

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    Re: CE Swag!

    I got nearly one of everything on the souvenir store. You can check our coverage for my pics.

    Aside from that the only thing else I picked up was a couple of graphic novels at the Forbidden Planet booth.

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    Re: CE Swag!

    Here's some of my goodies...

    I also got 3 signed posters by Matt Busch for Free, he is a terrific artist and a very nice guy. My Daughter & Son showed him some of their artwork using his book, and he loved it all.


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    Re: CE Swag!

    I got:

    Palitoy 20 back Death Star Droid from our own Graham Hughes (Black Falcon) 280

    Denys Fisher boxed Han Solo doll C8 70!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A beautiful Tri logo Imperial Gunner in trade again from Graham, replacing my other one.

    Trilogo Barada C8.5 40

    6 polish bootlegs in trade

    1 off a full set of coins

    Large format marvel compendium comics 1978 15

    30th anniversary Luke and Moisture vaporator 4

    2 Cloud city acrylic cases 10 each
    Wanted: Boxed large size action figures - Kenner, Kenner Canada, Denys Fisher, Clipper, Mecanno, Toltoys, Takara, BASA, Palitoy, Lili Ledy, Toltoys ESB, preproduction, prototypes, box flats.

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    Re: CE Swag!

    I got loads of pieces of paper and postcards given to me, mostly with deals.
    2 sideshow endor trooper.
    12 inch sidious
    12 inch OOM-9
    12 inch scale jawa
    I was really hoping to pick upsome 12 inch marmit kit but no luck there.
    Got a few coins which ive given away as im not a collector of them.
    Titanium v-wing
    Got 2 of those cool sith and jedi posters.
    And the cheapest but my favorite item CE mug with that wicked underground logo. Strange that it is my favorite.

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    Re: CE Swag!

    So did everyone get one of my FREE Stickers, especialy approved for the event?


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    Re: CE Swag!

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick_Macarty
    So did everyone get one of my FREE Stickers, especialy approved for the event?
    Hey Nick, I'd love to get two of those if you have any left? Let me know and I can paypal you some money for shipping. Thanks!
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