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Thread: 85 for an autograph!!

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    85 for an autograph!!

    So I'm getting excited, i've just received my 3 day pass for Celebration Europe! On top of that i read on the official site that Mark Hamill is coming!! I then notice under his picture that it will cost me 85 for his Autograph! Are they having a laugh. Do the Americans have to pay this Kind of money at their anual conventions or is it just us "europeans" who get ripped off left, right and centre? Or is it just me being tight with my hard earned cash? Your thoughts please...

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    Re: 85 for an autograph!!

    I agree it is high. When Mark was at San Diego a few years ago I paid $75.00, and I thought that was high. I want his auto on a new poster I am working on, but I wont be paying for him this time.
    C. Perry

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    Re: 85 for an autograph!!

    I'd be interested to know what you normally pay for an autograph off Star Wars actors? In the past i've paid between 5 and 15 for a signed photo. Looking at the prices for C E the cheapest seems to be 20 just for an autograph!

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    Re: 85 for an autograph!!

    Personally, I would rather pay the $148 than the 85. Thanks to a strong Pound, it works out to only 76 per auto!
    Please PM me if you are attending a show that has any Goonies guests or Cirroc Lofton. I will pay extra per autograph.

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    Re: 85 for an autograph!!

    It's still cheaper than having to goto to the US and get it.

    So I don't mind at all.


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    Re: 85 for an autograph!!

    While at C4 last month, Carrie Fisher's autograph was $35+ 5 dollars for a photo and Anthony Daniels as well...

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    Re: 85 for an autograph!!

    Stupidly overpriced. IF it included a photo with him, maybe a quick chat then i may consider it but 85 for an auto which will be obtained like a conveyor belt...No thanks

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    Re: 85 for an autograph!!

    Well goto America and get it, and you'll save heeps of money won't you.


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    Re: 85 for an autograph!!

    Or i could just buy an official Pix signed photo for $100

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    Re: 85 for an autograph!!

    No surprise to tell you, all his photos are out of stock!


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