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Thread: CE: Q&[censored]

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    CE: Q&[censored]

    Hello Everyone. With less than a week to go to til the doors open to Star Wars Celebration Europe, all the plans are really coming together and it looks set to be an amazing 3 days at London’s ExCeL. As I am sure you can imagine, the Celebration Europe Team are working flat out trying to make sure that everything is in place for you to have a fantastic time at the Show. Keep checking for the latest updates over the coming week. To help you plan your day, I will try to log on each day between now and the show to answer any specific questions you have about your visit to Star Wars Celebration Europe, such as where do I collect tickets from, what times are the show open, etc. As we are so busy, I can only answer fact based questions and talk about details of the show - You wouldn’t want us to spend all our time debating on the forums instead of making sure Star Wars Celebration Europe is a spectacular event!

    We look forward to seeing you next week!

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    Re: CE: Q&[censored]

    Hi CE Organiser,

    A few questions from me:

    I have booked my tickets via Where is the booth located to pick them up from and what time will it be open to pick up my tickets?

    Also on the same subject, my girlfriend put the tickets on her credit card, but she is not going, will I need a signed letter from her with credit card details etc on them and some ID from her?

    Is this now the FINAL guest list or are there anymore to come?

    Will the website be updated with all the guests, vouchers prices etc?

    Will you be selling the vouchers in advance, or only to buy over the 3 days?

    Which company will be supplying the official photos for the event?

    For CIV I liked the way you could see the photos available to buy online before the event, with a week to go is there any chance we can get a preview of the photos available?

    Also will the photos be available in different sizes?

    Will there be a virtual queuing system for Billy Dee Williams and Anthony Daniels like there is going to be for Mark Hamill? I would rather pick up a virtual ticket then be stuck in a queue for hours and miss out on other parts of the event.

    Many thanks,


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    Re: CE: Q&[censored]

    1) How will virtual queueing be handled? Will we have to buy the coupon for guest X and then be able to return to their queue at a given time, or will the virtual queue tickets be handed out first come first served ala the Showmasters events?

    2) How will the photograph and autograph coupons be handled? Will we have to queue at a booth first to buy these before joining another queue for the guest we want to see?

    3) When can we expect to see the Celebration Store items, and when will the pre-order go live?

    4) Will there be professional photo opportunities with any of the guests?

    5) After the main hall closes at 6pm where will the later events take place, and how long will they go on until?

    That's all for the moment


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    Re: CE: Q&[censored]

    Tickets arrived great! No info on them about Hyperspace membership & special privilages, Not so great.

    It seems we have to go to a seperate booth, with proof of Hyperspace membership, queue to prove this and then go on to the show.
    Is this all going to be done BEFORE the 9 O'clock opening time for members

    My Hyperspace membership runs out tomorrow, does that mean i have to renew to get the benefits, or will my current "live" membership be sufficent or do i have to renew before next friday (more expense)

    Please confirm


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    Re: CE: Q&[censored]

    Personally I would renew now - it has to be in their database that you are a member on the first day of CE.

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    Re: CE: Q&[censored]

    How do we show proof of membership? It's all online!
    Mine was up to July 10th so I just renewed....

    Where do international Hyperspace Members pick up their presold tickets? Can we pick them up before 9Am so as not to miss the doors opening and the initial rush into the venue?

    Is Ian McDiramid signing?

    Will remaining CE Store pieces be sold on SWS in USD?

    Will there be a detailed scedule of all event times to print out before some of us leave for London? Will there be a print out handed out with a map?

    Thank you!!!
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    Re: CE: Q&[censored]

    Id like to ask why Christian Simpson is allegedly a guest at CE. Is he going to use the images where he photoshopped his face onto John Knoll's and Ric Olie?
    Otherwise he was an Anakin stand-in for the UK unit only, not for the entire picture and shows little respect to the real Anakin Stand-in during the main shoot.

    This 'guest' is an absolute disgrace and makes a mockery of signings.

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    Re: CE: Q&[censored]

    Thanks for all of your questions. Here are the answers:

    To pick up your tickets you will need to go to the Box Office ticket collection point in the Boulevard of ExCeL. It opens at 7.30am each day of the show.

    There will be one more announcement for guests and we expect that to be the last one.

    The website will be updated with all signings and costs.

    Vouchers will only be available during the show. The way the vouchers will work is as follows:
    Each guest will have a different voucher (for a different price). For the busier guests we will also have virtual queuing, this will mean that you will buy a voucher as before but it will give a specific time slot during which time you can use it. We will apply virtual queuing as and when it is needed, depending on queue levels.

    We are providing the photos for signings, they are specially selected from the Lucasfilm Archives and will all be printed in high quality as 8”x10” pictures. There will be two designs of each and they will cost £3. You can buy them at the same time that you buy the vouchers.

    You will queue for vouchers in one queue and then go into the signing queue. There will be separate queues for the busiest stars.

    We will not be offering pre-orders for the Celebration Europe Exclusives; these will be sold on a first-come first-served basis.

    There will not be professional photo ops with the guests and it is up to each guest as to whether they will let people take pictures with them.

    On the Friday night will be the opening ceremony, announcements very soon. After this there will be a party at the Fox (big pub next the venue) which will go on till late. On the Saturday night there will be a party on the dockside of the venue which will go on till 11pm, this depends on the weather.

    Special privileges for Hyperspace members work as follows. When you have collected your show ticket go over to the Hyperspace counter (which will also open at 7.30am). Give your membership number and name (bring ID just in case) and they will give you your special Hyperspace lanyard. You will need a three day ticket for early entry but all Hyperspace members can access the fan club lounge.

    You must be a current Hyperspace member.

    Ian McDiarmid will not be signing. will make a decision after the show about whether they will sell remaining exclusives.

    The schedule will be placed online at the beginning of next week and there will be printed copies available at the show.

    Apologies if I missed anything, keep them coming.

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    Re: CE: Q&[censored]

    Yep you missed my question about Christian Simpson above. The thread where he photoshopped his images are here Guest List, Part II?

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    Re: CE: Q&[censored]

    I'm in Hyperspace and have a Friday ticket, does that mean I can't get in at 9 with the 3 day ticket holders?

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