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Thread: Vote For me so i can Play at Celebration Europe!!!

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    Re: Vote For me so i can Play at Celebration Europ

    Hello my friends,
    i've just read the sad news reported on Celebration Europe Blog, they say that i'm not one of the winner because of tricks and multiples votes!
    Please send a message to to write that my fans have voted me...yesterday , day of the ends of competition i was i've been excluded!

    I may think , if wasn't absurd that i've been excluded from the competition maybe because i play Jazz and not rock.

    this is the official words from the organizer

    "The votes are in and we have two finalists!

    We have been made aware of various issues with the voting. There appears to have been a number of votes that were generated by automated or spam entries. These votes have been discounted from any totals so that the results reflect only those votes we believe to be genuine votes from individuals. We have done this in the interest of fair play so that the competition is just that, a fair competition.

    The results including GENUINE votes are as follows:

    1. Darth Elvis - Winner
    2. Ancorhead - Runner Up

    Congratulations to our 2 winners who will be playing live in the final on the Celebrity stage on Saturday at 6:30pm with host Jay Laga'aia and a number of VIP judges."

    That's my opinion and what i've wrote to the organizer that still doesn't answer to me
    "Absolutely disappointend about the way you've run the contest
    1) Poll and statistic should be an exact science , what you mean in your blog when you say " we BELIEVE to be genuine votes from individuals"
    2) the multiple vote is a matter of who have programmed the poll thing, it's a thing that is OUT OF THE CONTROL of the contenders
    3) in this way theres'nt a clear view of the final results people read on the poll one thing and on the blog another one
    4) the only fair way to vote should be to let ONLY make a vote for single person and to be voted from the members of Hyperspace
    5) what you mean in your blog for SPAM vote? i can't say to my friends and fellows fans: "vote for me" ?
    Please give us all the details about the whole thing i must give some explication to all the people and Jazz fans that has voted for me! "

    what you think about it?

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    Re: Vote For me so i can Play at Celebration Europ

    That is pretty [censored], it should have been you against Anchorhead.
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    Re: Vote For me so i can Play at Celebration Europ

    I know, darth elvis is a nice person, i've spoke with him thru myspace....But if there are rules they must be respected...the worst thing is that no one of the organizer want answer me and tell me what's happened!

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    Re: Vote For me so i can Play at Celebration Europ

    Well I voted for ya buddy

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