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    I could not find a list of exhibitors. Any idea...
    Gentle Giant, Sideshow, Hasbro, Masterreplicas etc. ?

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    Re: Exhibitors

    I know the Gentle Giant folks aren't having a display stand there (or so they told me at CIV) and as MR weren't at CIV doubtful they'd be there either.

    Hasbro may if they are selling the Luke McQuarrie, and I've heard Lego may?

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    Re: Exhibitors

    Hasbro, Lego and LucasArts for sure.

    Dark Horse also aren't attending, they cancelled due to the proximity with CIV.

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    Re: Exhibitors

    Big Phil will be there with his cheap figures

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    Re: Exhibitors

    Quote Originally Posted by Big_Phil
    Big Phil will be there with his cheap figures

    Good Lad!
    Le Mullet - it sounds *****r in French!

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    Re: Exhibitors

    Why am I going ? Nobody is there... No GG, NO MR what about sideshow?

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    Re: Exhibitors

    Toons: The Animation Art Company - have teamed up with Acme Archives to debut the long awaited Tie Fighter Pilot Character Key. Pre-orders will be taken from the 9th of July and will be able to be collected from our booth at CE or shipped to customers after the event.
    Feel free to pm me if you have any questions, also checkout our website for sold out Character Keys.


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    Re: Exhibitors

    I do find it a bit odd that there isn't a master list of Exhibitors anywhere yet...the exhibit hall is always one of my top reasons for going to these things...
    Star Wars is forever!

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    Re: Exhibitors

    You are right. They should have a list published weeks ago.... Somethink is wrong....

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