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Thread: no excitement for attakus?

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    no excitement for attakus?

    I don't know if this is old news, but as stated here, the 3 new statues have been confirmed. I'm surprised there is no thread on this? I guess not too many fans of Attakus out there? I personally love them and can't wait for these to be available. I just hope my wallet will be able to handle it!

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    Re: no excitement for attakus?

    What three pieces were announced?

    well im getting my first attakus statue sat or monday. It's currently shipping. Im getting Oola.
    I think the problem is that most of their human likenesses are not up to par. Gentle giant captures that better... well except for the ugly-wan statue. However, they do MUCH better with paint application and texture of cloth etc.
    Oola's likeness looks pretty good. Id love to have bib, tusken, probe droid and a jawa. Money is another issue. They are so darn expensive.
    From what I understand they are top notch when it comes to quality.
    Im only getting oola since she is my favorite characte and they did an awesome job.
    Do you have oola?
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    Re: no excitement for attakus?

    Really looking forward to Series 5...not interested in another Boba but definitely in for Cody and Biker Scout. Hoping they do Dooku and Snowtrooper at some point.

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    Re: no excitement for attakus?

    i have many attakus pieces and love them all. it always seems like attakus gets a raw deal from alot of collectors. i think alot has to do with the price.

    people even have the nerve to look at my collection pics below and PM me saying they love my collection except for my attakus statues.

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    Re: no excitement for attakus?

    I don't have oola but have seen her in person - you will not be disappointed. I can understand people not loving the human characters (which I have no issues with - I seem them as simply artistic impressions of the characters) but with 2 clones and boba I thought there would be much more excitement out there.

    Big thumbs up to Attakus - I can't wait for all 3 of these.

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    Re: no excitement for attakus?

    I think the price tag is too hefty for most collectors. Gentle Giant and Sideshow are much more accessible, especially for completists. I'm looking to purchase the Padme statue at some point, but that will probably be the extent of my Attakus collection unless I have a major shift in finances. I think the quality of their work is amazing, though.

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    Re: no excitement for attakus?

    That takes a lot of [censored] to tell someone that they don't like a part of their collection!

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    Re: no excitement for attakus?

    I love attakus but the price tag is just too high when there are so many other companies out there vying for my money. I plan on getting the boba and I am also going to try and get the probot and gam guard whenever I can get the funds. I also have the exc. sandtrooper on order.
    As far as the biker scout I am going with sideshow's version.

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    Re: no excitement for attakus?

    The Cody statue will have to be my first one.

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    Re: no excitement for attakus?

    With the kind of money they're asking, I'd rather dispose of my income with GG, SS, or MR collectibles.
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