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Thread: Feedback for Leia_Way

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    Re: Feedback for Leia_Way

    Super quick payment. A++++++

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    Re: Feedback for Leia_Way

    Great Buyer, super easy to deal with, quick payment and communication and all that good stuff that goes with being a great trader/buyer!

    Thanks again!!

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    Re: Feedback for Leia_Way

    Put another flawless transction into the books of Leia_Way. Fast payment, quick responses to messages, and a cool person to work with. Basically everything you hope for from a buyer. Thanks again!

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    Re: Feedback for Leia_Way

    Fast payment and great communication - thanks again!
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    Re: Feedback for Leia_Way

    Great Scummer to deal with.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Feedback for Leia_Way

    I just completed my first transaction with Leia_Way and everything went very smoothly. Once we agreed on the transaction, payment was made quickly. I look forward to our next transaction. Thanks!

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    Re: Feedback for Leia_Way

    Fast pay, easy to deal with, a scummer who really follows through!

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    Re: Feedback for Leia_Way

    Another great deal with Leia_Way, thanks and enjoy!

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    Re: Feedback for Leia_Way

    Great transaction again with Leia_way! Perfect communication, fast payment even on a larger order! No problems whatsoever! Thanks a million!
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    Re: Feedback for Leia_Way

    bought an item that was advertised as not-mint, but was described perfectly with good detailed pictures.

    would easily deal with again. thanks.

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