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Thread: THANK YOU ALL!!!!

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    Re: THANK YOU ALL!!!!

    Hey, Anne. Tks for everything. I had lots of fun being a guest escourt. I cant wait to volunteer for CV. See ya there.

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    Re: THANK YOU ALL!!!!

    Tks for the email. mine is

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    Re: THANK YOU ALL!!!!

    I did not post my thanks here i sent Anne a e-mail thanking her. I had such a great time, I just wanted to thank some of the Volunteers who made this a Fun experience and i am so looking forward to doing it again.

    I became good friends with some of the Celebs that even though CIV is over still in contact with them. They are already asking if there is going to be a CV, I can only say you would prob know before i would. But i can see no reason as to why there would not be another one in the near future.

    Thanks everyone who made this a experience worth being apart of. I am proud to be with any fan of this calibur and dedication.

    thanks again guys you all Rock!!!

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