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Thread: trading at ce

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    trading at ce

    hey guys i heard a few people are bring stuff to c4 and was wondering if anyone is bring anything to trade or sell? i know tables are 500gbp so what im really asking is there a room or area where small time collectors can sell and trade.

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    Re: trading at ce

    I will have a few things, I would think a night at one of the closer hotels where more people will be would. I actually forgot what hotel I am at, I am rooming with another scummer....he made the plans....

    but I would be up for a trade night...

    I will definitely have the HARD TO FIND PSWCS patches to trade or sell and a few DCSWCC patches as well..these are small limited officially liscened pieces...
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    Re: trading at ce

    Try this thread:

    CE: Swap Meet

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