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Thread: Acrylic Case Questions

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    Acrylic Case Questions

    Hey all...

    I'm looking to pickup about 15 or so acrylic cases. Currently I use the CC style A case, as well as what AFA uses for their regular style. I went to order some more from CC this evening and found that the acrylic case links still show as not in stock (its been like that for some time now). I checked out as it seems many folks here use his products. He offers a type of case similar to the AFA and CC type A cases, called Vintage Graded style. Has anyone ordered these and, if so, can you post some detailed pics or email some to me? I was always a fan of the CC cases as their acrylic quality is excellent and the cases are well-made. Are oscarscases of the same calibur?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance...Corey
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    Re: Acrylic Case Questions

    Alot of people here will swear by the quality of oscar's cases and the most recent style are more simular to the afa style cases

    I personally have never had any probs with the cc cases though, pity it says they are out of stock as they are quality

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    Re: Acrylic Case Questions

    The stranges thing happened over at CC and AFA. AFA now is the owner of Which, to my knowledge, was previously owned by CC.

    Perhaps that's why the don't have the cases in stock. Perhaps e-mail CC to find out what's going on. Mailing them is always better. There have been times that they were way behind orders, so they advised me to wait with my order.


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    Re: Acrylic Case Questions

    Hello Everyone.

    Toy Cases, Inc. was actually sold to CGA (the parent company of AFA) at roughly the same time I left CC for CIB (In 2005). However, until recently sliding bottom cases were only sold wholesale to CC and Brian's Toys. CGA now offers them to the public and will have a store on the web within 3 weeks for both standard sizes and a custom case calculator to order any size via an automated system. The cases offered are exactly the same as before, even made by the same craftsman with over 20 years of experience. Visit for contact information and for a future link to the automated case store. In the meantime, cases can be ordered immediately via the email link on the site. I am quite familiar with the situation, as the sale took place when I left CC because I didn't want to leave the source of CGA's acrylic cases to a third party any longer. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me via email.



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    Re: Acrylic Case Questions

    Will they be selling loose figure afa style cases?

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