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Thread: Funko Bobble Heads

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    Re: Funko Bobble Heads

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    Funko Pop Vinyl Star Wars Bobble-heads

    Honestly, I don't really collect modern stuff, but as a Leia focus collector, I could not resist the cuteness of this!
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    These things are adorable. I've avoided picking any up so far, though.
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    I have the Gamorrean and it's pretty cute. I don't like Bobbleheads in general but these seem more like urban vinyl style figures.

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    I have Vader, Yoda, and Chewie. It's cool that these can removed from the bases and can stand like action figures, without articulation. I've avoided the recent ROTJ Luke and Boba Fett due to price and focus.

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    these are amazing! I am gonna have to get one. I'm thinking Yoda would look awesome in between Quagmire and Jesus bobbles.

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    I have all of series 1, plus Boba Fett from series 2. I wasn't planning on buying these, but after getting several as a gift, and picking up the rest for 5 bucks each, I couldn't resist. I'm a sucker for cute SW items...
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    They're all cute, but in keeping with my focus, I only have the Vader.
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    I have the Chewy.... I think it is really cool!!!!

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    I think these look weird BUT I'm not opposed to buying things that are different, it'd have to be a Stormtrooper or Darth Vader though if I were to buy something like this.
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